Aug 1

Sept 23-25 Eastern Iowa Star Party!

Hi all! The Eastern Iowa Star Party is alive and well, but of course in post-COVID recovery mode! This year’s event will be held on the night’s of Sept 23, 24, and 25…. Mark your calendars! What recovery mode means is that we wont have raffles or guest speakers this year, but weather permitting, 3 […]

Mar 13

CoronaVirus Notice!!!

Hi all, As brought up by Paul… thank you Paul! we will be canceling our regularly scheduled March meeting which would have been held this Monday, the 16th. I’m hoping that Paul and Rusty can do their presentations at the April meeting and Ron can do his in May. For our Jens-Wendt open on Saturday… […]

Oct 21

Mercury to be Transiting the Rising Sun on the Morning of November 11th!

As the Sun rises on Veteran’s Day the planet Mercury will be making it’s way directly between our star and ourselves. The result is that the itsy bitsy silhouette of the fastest planet will be visible on the disc of the Sun. As always with any astronomical event that involves looking directly at the Sun, […]

Jun 9

Public night at the Menke. June 2019

Another great night out at the Menke. This time, of course it was an open house so we probably had a dozen to two dozen guests come through. We saw a lot of great objects, the normal ones of course, but everybody got to see the moon, some planets, some galaxies, some star clusters, some […]

Jun 8

Friday Night – June 7th – at the Menke

What a beautiful night it was tonight! Rolando, Sam, and I had a lot of fun working with Rolando’s 127mm f7.5 and Sam’s 90mm f5.5 refractors. We saw a lot of objects including the obvious ones such as Saturn, Jupiter, the Moon, and favorites like M51, the Owl Cluster, Albireo, the Ring Nebula, and the […]

Jun 3

Shooting Galaxies at Menke June 2

For me EAA is the way to go.  Simple plug and play design of the R2 system takes video astronomy to a whole new level of fun.  The detail may not resemble time exposure astrophotography but far exceeds the detail of the naked eye.  Got to give credit to the individual who had the brilliant […]

Mar 9

2019 Eastern Iowa Star Party Update

Hi all! I am working on the 3 guest speakers for our Sept 27-29 Eastern Iowa Star Party…. One works with the data collected on stars that Kepler, K2, and TESS observe(d) – using stellar oscillations (and in some case, rotation) to characterize the stars and tell us more about the history of their planetary […]

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