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Sept 23-25 Eastern Iowa Star Party!

Hi all!

The Eastern Iowa Star Party is alive and well, but of course in post-COVID recovery mode!

This year’s event will be held on the night’s of Sept 23, 24, and 25…. Mark your calendars!

What recovery mode means is that we wont have raffles or guest speakers this year, but weather permitting, 3 nice night’s of clear skies!

I will hopefully have munchies and beverages on site… and there is no registration fee, HOWEVER, please RSVP! Donations, of course, are welcomed!

If you haven’t visited our site in a while, you’ll notice that we have moved our dome from the old Sherman Park site to the Menke Observatory… our new location… and we have just today broken ground to build a second but larger roll off structure. We did acquire a bit more ground, so we can still easily hold 50 astronomers and their gear…

At the event, I would like to take the opportunity to address the group as to the QCAS relationship with Menke Observatory… and also some exciting information and maybe a demonstration of the new Wilton School Observatory.

So… please RSVP ASAP! This invitation is only going out to members of the QCAS, PAC, and CAA at this time… but in a week or so, sent out to previous EISP participants.

I have attached a membership application form as it contains links to our club meetings and select public activities. It also has a link to the Google Map directions to the EISP site… heck, we’d love to have you fill out the app and join if you aren’t already a member!

Clear Skies!

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