May 17

Hunting Globulars in the glow of the evil orb.

Finally we get a decent break from cloud and rain systems from hell!  Time to get out of the house and fire up the 8″ Edge and the Rev 2 for some globular hunting against half full moon.  So the cloud break during the moon phase did not do me any favors for DSO viewing […]

Mar 28

Dusting off the scope

I have been eagerly waiting for a decent night to align with the work schedule to dust off the equipment for a little star gazing before we lose our winter sky gems.  Mike Dannefeldt and I decided to give it a shot on Tuesday the 26th as conditions were looking good for clears skies and […]

Feb 9

Not enough hours in the night?

Not enough time to set up a telescope rig? Too cold to spend a lot of hours out in the boonies? Worried about the clouds staying away long enough? Binocular Astronomy is GREAT for a quick, easy, and somewhat inexpensive way to get in some astro time! Clear Skies! […]

Jan 19

Lunar Eclipse – January 20-21 2019

Well… the Lunar Eclipse will need to happen without us… We won’t be meeting at the park in Riverdale on Sunday… but don’t forget to take a peek from the warmth of your home! The Lunar event time line is as follows for those of us in the QCA: 8:36 pm Sun, Jan 20 Penumbral […]

Jan 10

Blood Moon January 20th

In a few days we will have a nice treat to view from here in the Quad Cities. Beginning at 8:35pm the Full Moon will begin to move through the shadow cast by the Earth ultimately resulting in a Total Lunar Eclipse. A Total Lunar Eclipse are typically refered to as a Blood Moon due […]

Jan 7

A rare clear night for a January New Moon!

Not too often does January have crystal clear nights here in the Quad Cities. Even more rare to get two back to back during the New Moon! A friend of mine has started to take an interest in Amateur Astronomy so I felt this was the perfect opportunity to let him see what it’s like to use […]

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