Jun 3

Shooting Galaxies at Menke June 2

For me EAA is the way to go.  Simple plug and play design of the R2 system takes video astronomy to a whole new level of fun.  The detail may not resemble time exposure astrophotography but far exceeds the detail of the naked eye.  Got to give credit to the individual who had the brilliant idea to create an all inclusive imaging system known as the Revolution Imager.  It has made the hobby more enjoyable than ever before and I can not imagine astronomy with out it! 

The galaxy hop time window was very narrow due to work schedule but we did manage to get a look at three decent galaxies with the imager.  The viewing conditions were not ideal with a slight haze and thin clouds.  We made the best of the conditions and put M-51 in the camera.  It was an amazing sight even with the atmospheric haze.  Very distinct spiral structure and fairly bright.  Next we put the R2 on M-104 the Sombrero galaxy.  Very nice detail revealing the galaxies structure including the dark edge on line giving it the distinction of its name.  Last was M-64 the Black Eye galaxy.  A little on the rough side but you could definitely see the dark “Black Eye” area very easily.

Overall a short but fun night under the dark sky.  Hopefully if this weather system clears up there will be many more.  Clear skies everyone! 

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