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  • 2020-01-25 Jens-Wendt Observatory
    2020-01-25 Jens-Wendt Observatory
    January 25, 2020

    It’s obvious that the Clear Weather Agenda is out as we will have, essentially 100% cloud cover… But I’m thinking that the Poor Weather Agenda is not able to be followed either. Between the snow and rain and now the defrosting, I think the road to Jens-Wendt will be hazardous, particularly to any public that attempt to attend. In addition, the snow covered grounds both at Jens-Wendt and Menke would mean quite the trek through snow to get to and tour either facility. So with that in mind… tonight’s event has been cancelled....

  • 2020-01 Events!
    2020-01 Events!
    January 4, 2020

    Hi all, and Happy New Year! I’ll be adjusting the club member distribution list for the February email note… so for those of you that have not renewed your dues and wish to, there is still a bit of time! Here are the events for January 2020: 01/06/2020    QCAS Board Meeting * Moved to Jan 6th due to the holiday * 6:30 PM at the Elmore Village Inn  01/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting * Main presentation will be given by Sam Santiago on the Beetlejuice situation * St. Ambrose McCarthy Hall- Doors open at 6:30 PM, meeting starts at 7:00 PM 01/25/2020    QCAS at Jens-Wendt * The public portion will be from 4:30 PM till 6:30 PM * Clear weather: ** Quick tour of Jens-Wendt ** Power Point on Celestial Objects ** View through available scopes or EAA * Poor weather: ** Quick tour of Jens-Wendt ** Quick tour of Menke ** Intro to the Observatory Relocation Project Please let me know if you can help out with the Jan 25th event! I’ll send you info on the presentation to help you with the guest part of the program. Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • 2019-12-28 Public Night at Jens-Wendt Observatory
    2019-12-28 Public Night at Jens-Wendt Observatory
    December 27, 2019

    Hi all! It looks like our last Jens-Wendt public presentation for 2019 will be weathered out… In any case, our program will begin at 5:00 PM this month and assuming we wont be able to do any viewing, will start with a abbreviated tour of the Jens-Wendt facility,  and a Q&A session… we will then caravan over to the Menke Observatory, just a few miles away, for another tour and Q&A session… I would expect that we will be done between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM. Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • 2019-12-21 At Menke
    2019-12-21 At Menke
    December 21, 2019

    Fun night at Menke tonite… Put together my dome with Mike O and family friend Matt P this afternoon… Mike and I headed out to Dixon where we grabbed a burger at the Legion… then met Ken B at Menke… Mike and Ken did AP, as was my intent as well, but as I car pooled with Mike, I left the power cable for my CCD in my van… kind of a bummer! Oh well… I had a great time doing a bit of visual astronomy… I made a list of the following objects I viewed: The Planet Venus M2 Cluster  M15 Pegasus Cluster M37 Salt & Pepper Cluster  M56 Cluster M72 Cluster The Planet Uranus I tried but couldn’t be sure of seeing the Asteroid Vesta C30 The Deer Lick Galaxy M36 Pinwheel Cluster  M81 Bodes Nebulae M82 Cigar Cluster NGC2244 Harp Cluster Way cool NGC2169 The 37 Cluster And for Star Wars, NGC936 Darth Vaders Starfighter Galaxy And who can resist M42 Orion Nebulae… Kinda fun how there are some new names for a few objects… and I’d never seen the 37 before… that’ll have to be another Owl Cluster type favorite at public events… I had to […]...

  • Coming in outa the cold….
    Coming in outa the cold….
    December 21, 2019

    It getsa bit nippy doin astronomy in December… so while inside getting defrosted, I thought Id thank Mike O and close family friend Mike P for helping me put my dome together this afternoon… I need to find a lot somewhere for it to live though… but at least put together I can get it all cleaned up and the rubber seals redone… See ya!...

  • Amateur Astronomers at Menke Tonite!
    Amateur Astronomers at Menke Tonite!
    December 21, 2019

    Hi all! Looks like tonite may a pretty fair night to head out to Dixon to relieve your astro anxieties! If ya belong to an astronomy club, you are welcome to being your gear and enjoy the skies! I will be heading out to Menke and will therefore have the classroom and restrooms available… Please RSVP! Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • 2019-11-23 Jens-Wendt Observatory Open
    2019-11-23 Jens-Wendt Observatory Open
    November 23, 2019

    Although on the chilly side, there may be a few decent hours for our public night tonight at Jens-Wendt Observatory… it kinda snuck up on me, so sorry for the late reminder! Sam, Ian, Jason, Cecil, Matt and maybe Rolando and Coyote Paul will be joining me… Let me know if you can be there too! Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • 2020 QCAS Calendar of Events
    2020 QCAS Calendar of Events
    November 11, 2019

    01/06/2020    QCAS Board Meeting*** 01/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  01/25/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt 02/05/2020    QCAS Board Meeting  02/17/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  02/22/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  03/04/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 03/14/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt 03/16/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  03/21/2020    Messier Marathon 04/01/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 04/18/2020    PAC Niabi 04/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  04/25/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  05/02/2020    Astronomy Day 05/06/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 05/16/2020    SAU Menke 05/18/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  05/23/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  06/03/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 06/13/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  06/15/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  06/20/2020    PAC Niabi  06/21/2020    Founders Day 06/27/2020    SAU Menke 07/01/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 07/18/2020    SAU Menke 07/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  07/25/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  08/05/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 08/15/2020    Meteor Shower party 08/17/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  08/22/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  08/29/2020    SAU Menke 09/02/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 09/12/2020    SAU Menke 09/18/2020    EISP 09/19/2020    EISP 09/20/2020    EISP 09/21/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  09/26/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  10/07/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 10/17/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  10/19/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  11/04/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 11/14/2020  […]...

  • 2020 David Levy Arizona Dark Skies Star Party
    2020 David Levy Arizona Dark Skies Star Party
    November 7, 2019

    The 2020 David Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party will be May 20 – 24… Explore Alliance Events: Second Annual David H. Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party and Birding Event Clear skies! Jeff...

  • 2019 – 11 – 11 Mercury Transit
    2019 – 11 – 11 Mercury Transit
    November 3, 2019

    Hi all! As you know, November 11th is the Mercury Transit. A few of us had planned to go out to Menke Observatory for the event, but plans have changed… Dr. Mitchell has asked that we relocate the event to the Rogalski Center at St. Ambrose University. Unfortunately, the sky is blocked a bit so rather than being able to see the event in progress at sunrise… about 6:44 AM… we will probably loose an hour or so… this may not be as terrible as it sounds was the 5 hour event will already be in progress before sunrise anyway. We have permission to arrive around 7:00 AM for set up and can Park our vehicles very close to our gear… in the faculty parking lot… as long as we don’t block the driveway… You need to let me know if you will be attending so that parking passes can be made up for us. There seems to be 1 electrical circuit… a dual outlet… but we’ll need to run a couple long cables for power… or bring a battery supply… Let me know ASAP! Clear Skies! Jeff...

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