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  • 2019-11-23 Jens-Wendt Observatory Open
    2019-11-23 Jens-Wendt Observatory Open
    November 23, 2019

    Although on the chilly side, there may be a few decent hours for our public night tonight at Jens-Wendt Observatory… it kinda snuck up on me, so sorry for the late reminder! Sam, Ian, Jason, Cecil, Matt and maybe Rolando and Coyote Paul will be joining me… Let me know if you can be there too! Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • 2020 QCAS Calendar of Events
    2020 QCAS Calendar of Events
    November 11, 2019

    01/06/2020    QCAS Board Meeting*** 01/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  01/25/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt 02/05/2020    QCAS Board Meeting  02/17/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  02/22/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  03/04/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 03/14/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt 03/16/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  03/21/2020    Messier Marathon 04/01/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 04/18/2020    PAC Niabi 04/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  04/25/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  05/02/2020    Astronomy Day 05/06/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 05/16/2020    SAU Menke 05/18/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  05/23/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  06/03/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 06/13/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  06/15/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  06/20/2020    PAC Niabi  06/21/2020    Founders Day 06/27/2020    SAU Menke 07/01/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 07/18/2020    SAU Menke 07/20/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  07/25/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  08/05/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 08/15/2020    Meteor Shower party 08/17/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  08/22/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  08/29/2020    SAU Menke 09/02/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 09/12/2020    SAU Menke 09/18/2020    EISP 09/19/2020    EISP 09/20/2020    EISP 09/21/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  09/26/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  10/07/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 10/17/2020    QCAS Jens-Wendt  10/19/2020    QCAS Society Meeting  11/04/2020    QCAS Board Meeting 11/14/2020  […]...

  • 2020 David Levy Arizona Dark Skies Star Party
    2020 David Levy Arizona Dark Skies Star Party
    November 7, 2019

    The 2020 David Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party will be May 20 – 24… Explore Alliance Events: Second Annual David H. Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party and Birding Event Clear skies! Jeff...

  • 2019 – 11 – 11 Mercury Transit
    2019 – 11 – 11 Mercury Transit
    November 3, 2019

    Hi all! As you know, November 11th is the Mercury Transit. A few of us had planned to go out to Menke Observatory for the event, but plans have changed… Dr. Mitchell has asked that we relocate the event to the Rogalski Center at St. Ambrose University. Unfortunately, the sky is blocked a bit so rather than being able to see the event in progress at sunrise… about 6:44 AM… we will probably loose an hour or so… this may not be as terrible as it sounds was the 5 hour event will already be in progress before sunrise anyway. We have permission to arrive around 7:00 AM for set up and can Park our vehicles very close to our gear… in the faculty parking lot… as long as we don’t block the driveway… You need to let me know if you will be attending so that parking passes can be made up for us. There seems to be 1 electrical circuit… a dual outlet… but we’ll need to run a couple long cables for power… or bring a battery supply… Let me know ASAP! Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • First Lights at the David Levy Star Party
    First Lights at the David Levy Star Party
    November 3, 2019

    The David Levy Star Party was alot of first lights for me… the first pic since 2014… the first time using my 10 Micron mount… the first time using my 152mm f9 Starfire… and the first time opening one of my pics in PixInsight. This is a screen print of a single 10 minute unguided sub taken with the aforementioned gear… no calibration frames… no stacking… and as far as processing, none except for the auto stretch feature in PixInsight… I couldnt figure out how to save the pic, so I just did a screen print. I do have a couple hours of subs, so will be learning how to stack and do a bit of post processing… with this single sub, it seems promising…...

  • Mercury to be Transiting the Rising Sun on the Morning of November 11th!
    Mercury to be Transiting the Rising Sun on the Morning of November 11th!
    October 21, 2019

    As the Sun rises on Veteran’s Day the planet Mercury will be making it’s way directly between our star and ourselves. The result is that the itsy bitsy silhouette of the fastest planet will be visible on the disc of the Sun. As always with any astronomical event that involves looking directly at the Sun, you need to have a proper filter to block the intense light if you wanna see this for yourself. Also, Mercury is so teeny tiny that you’re going to need a telescope that can be covered with that proper filter in order to check this one out.   Good thing our sister club the Popular Astronomy Club has you covered. They will be hosting a Mercury Transit Viewing from their regular site in the parking lot of Niabi Zoo starting at sunrise (6:45am) until the end of the transit at 12:35pm. These folks will have scopes set up properly for safe view of this rare event. Be sure to join them on the 11th this year otherwise you’ll be waiting until November 13th of 2032 for your next chance!   About the image: The featured image for this post is of the last transit of […]...

  • 2019-09-12 Jens-Wendt Observatory Open House
    2019-09-12 Jens-Wendt Observatory Open House
    October 11, 2019

    Hi all! Thanx to Cecil, Rolando, and Sam we wont have to cancel tomorrow’s open house… feel free to join them if you are available… If weather doesnt hold, they probably will just hang out there until shortly after 9pm to meet with any guests that appear. Cecil, Rolando, and Sam… since we’ll have a bit of moonlight… let me know if you want to concentrate any efforts for the public to be on the moon… I have a hand out that they can have showing lunar features and landing sites of Apollo and other misc… I think the 3rd pic here kinda looks like it…. Clear Skies! Jeff...

  • 2019-09-30 Menke Restored!
    September 30, 2019

    Matt… thanx for picking up all the aforementioned gear and delivering it! Jim… thanx for the offer! Clear Skies, Jeff...

    September 30, 2019

    EMAIL SENT THIS MORNING REQUIRING YOUR REPLY Final request! We need your nominations for officers ASAP! The list of nominees needs to be presented at the October 21st Society Meeting, so if you have not already sent your nominations, please do so by October 5th. By making your nominations by October 5th, we hope to be able to contact those nominees, make the offer, give them time to consider the offer, and respond back with their answer… hopefully, we can give a list of those that accepted as part ofq the October meeting. The positions are: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Clear Skies! Jeff Struve...

  • 2019-09-29 Thanx for attendinding the 2019 EISP!
    2019-09-29 Thanx for attendinding the 2019 EISP!
    September 29, 2019

    Well I spent the last couple of hours at the Observatory cleaning up… it’s been raining and drizzling all day, and I was told we had more than 2″ of rain here last night… The grounds are pretty mushy, and although the forecast, although worse than I posted early, shows some clearing, we wont be going out to Menke tonite… Apologies! Let’s hope for better next year… Hold your calendar open for attending the 2020 EISP… tentatively scheduled for September 18 19, and 20th. Clear Skies! Jeff...

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