Jun 17

ReCap! June 17th Society Meeting

Meetings get better and better… thanx especially to the presentations made by Paul Saeger and Samuel Santiago…. Paul’s was so relevant to what all of us experience not only when starting into this hobby, but tend to experience at the start of each season… humorous because its true…  right?  🙂 Sam’s talk was really a plethora of info too… it stretched beyond the show and tell of an electronic focuser or two but into what focusing means… problems encountered when focusing, focusing aides, types of manual focusers and types of electronic focusers…. pros and cons of electronic focusers, and 4 or 5 different electronic focusers were there on display… of course this was followed by another great Q&A session… We plan on putting the (electronic)FOCUSERS presentation on the web site followed by your asking questions and providing your experiences… it’ll be a pretty cool blog/forum topic! Cecil Ward brought in his new guide system including a very nice Svbony doublet, a highly adjustable mounting system, and a nice ZWO camera… all very practical, nice quality, and very versatile. We then had a great discussion on the Observatory Relocation with report outs on Building Specs and Design, Equipment Requirements, and Benefits… […]

Apr 16

Another GREAT meeting last nite!

Hi all! Another great meeting last nite… non-stop, and interesting discussion from the 6:30 PM social half hour until 9:00 PM… then most everyone met at Village Inn to continue sharing astronomical antidotes until nearly midnite! Please let Jeff know if you want to be I involved in any of the Observatory Relocation Discussion Group committees! Welcome new member Paul Saeger!!! Clear Skies, Jeff

Feb 18

2019 February Meridian

  Last Society Meeting Minutes: Date/Time Location 6:30 PM on Monday, February 18th, 2019        McCarthy Hall, St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA  Attendance (12 in attendance) Jeff Struve, Byron Davies, Don Robinson, Rusty Case, Robert Mitchell, Paul Levesque, Sam Santiago, Ken Boquist, Alan Sheidler, Matt Neilssen, Mike and Wanda Gacioch,    General Announcements – The March 18th club meeting will be held at Augustana in their planetarium! Membership dues Board meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month in 2019  Outings    1/20 – Lunar Eclipse 1/26 – Jens 2/06 – Board meeting 2/09 – Jens Wendt Membership Night 2/16 – SCT Collimation Party 2/18 – Robert Mitchell will give the presentation at the Feb club meeting 3/08 – Messier Marathon – 2 nights 3/18 – Club normal meeting will meet at the Augustana Planetarium 3/XX – Exoplanet Detection 7/19 – Green Iowa at Menke EISP Pre-Registrations  Main Presentations Jeff Struve – handed out the last of the annual banquet awards Paul Levesque – Museo Galileo Other Discussion Purchasing an Observatory Messier Marathon – Open Discussion  March 8/9 Astronomy Day – Open Discussion May 11 Meteor Shower Party – Open Discussion Aug 3 Telescope 101 – Williams, Adams, […]

Jan 21

2019 January Meridian

Newsletter of the Quad Cities Astronomical Society     www.qcas.org                        January 2019 QCAS Mission Statement: To stimulate an interest in the science of astronomy in the Quad Cities Area, to nurture an ongoing desire by Quad Cities Astronomical Society members to study the cosmos and to provide members of our community opportunities to experience the beauty and joy of Astronomy.   Presidents Greeting: Welcome to 2019 and the first electronic only edition of the Meridian! I am working on the best way to present the newsletter on our new site, but my intent going forward is to set up each monthly Meridian in 2 sections… a section that is available for guests to read and a section for members only. The guests section will contain the less business related portions of our meetings while the members section will be more business and meeting minutes oriented. I believe that you can subscribe to both sections and receive monthly notifications that they are there. Also, as in any forum, you’ll be able to reply to each Meridian post with any corrections, comments, concerns that you may have regarding that issue and its contents…. […]

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