Mar 9

2019 Eastern Iowa Star Party Update

Hi all!

I am working on the 3 guest speakers for our Sept 27-29 Eastern Iowa Star Party….

One works with the data collected on stars that Kepler, K2, and TESS observe(d) – using stellar oscillations (and in some case, rotation) to characterize the stars and tell us more about the history of their planetary systems.

A second studies the formation, interior structure, and evolution of exoplanets. The main goals of her research group are to deepen the current understanding of the rich physics governing sub-Neptune-size planet interiors, to discover bulk composition trends in the growing census of known exoplanets, and to connect these composition trends back to distinct planet formation pathways.

The third is an amateur astronomer who will show us how to use modest gear to collect data and input that data into software that will show Exoplanet transits.

We are limited to about 50 participants and take reservations on a first pay first stay basis.

This years star party fee is $20 per attendee plus $10 if you need electricity run to your reserved spot. We will have a charging station or two for use during the day if you want to run on batteries at night.

IM me ASAP if you want a registration form!

Clear Skies!

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