May 17

Hunting Globulars in the glow of the evil orb.

Finally we get a decent break from cloud and rain systems from hell!  Time to get out of the house and fire up the 8″ Edge and the Rev 2 for some globular hunting against half full moon.  So the cloud break during the moon phase did not do me any favors for DSO viewing but these days you have to take what you can get!

Conditions were not perfect with an occasional thin layer of clouds passing by but the globular viewing was better than expected.  This took me by surprise considering the presence of the evil orb.  So I four stared the mighty CG-5 and put it to work. 

My first target was M-3 and the CG-5 nailed it.  The Rev 2 went to work stacking a very nice image of the cluster.  Lots of nice pin point stars in a tight formation.  Next target was M-5 and again the CG-5 put it into the viewing screen.  This cluster had much more to offer with a lot of pin point stars at a much brighter magnitude with a nice dense core.  Third target was M-53 which was the runt of the bunch.  It has some nice pin point stars but over all small.  Had to use the zoom feature on this one.  Last target was the king of the globulars M-13.  It is one astounding object that never disappoints the viewer.  The views in the Rev 2 just rocked with this amazing cluster.  Pinpoint stars to the core.

Overall a decent night of viewing globulars against the odds.  Next time you think the moon is to bright for viewing DSO go for the globulars.  

Clear skies everyone!

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