Jan 19

Lunar Eclipse – January 20-21 2019

Well… the Lunar Eclipse will need to happen without us…

We won’t be meeting at the park in Riverdale on Sunday… but don’t forget to take a peek from the warmth of your home!

The Lunar event time line is as follows for those of us in the QCA:

8:36 pm Sun, Jan 20 Penumbral Eclipse begins – The Earth’s penumbra starts touching the Moon’s face.

9:33 pm Sun, Jan 20 Partial Eclipse begins – The partial Lunar eclipse starts and the Moon is getting red.

10:41 pm Sun, Jan 20 Total Eclipse begins – The Moon is completely red.

11:12 pm Sun, Jan 20 Maximum Eclipse – The Moon is closest to the center of the Earth’s shadow.

11:43pm Sun, Jan 20 Total Eclipse ends

12:50 am Mon, Jan 21 Partial Eclipse ends

1:48 am Mon, Jan 21 Penumbral Eclipse ends.


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