Sep 10

Eastern Iowa Star Party 2018

Thank you so very much to those attending the 2018 Quad Cities Astronomical Society’s Eastern Iowa Star Party!

Friday seemed a bit sketchy until David Levy chatted with those attendees present and Grant Harkness and Alan Sheidler stepped up and gave talks on the Wilton School Observatory Project and the 2019 NCRAL respectively… we then topped the night off with watching a movie called Deep Impact…. one which David Levy was conferred on… and had the midnight chili at 8:00 pm... we had 24 in attendance that day/night.

Saturday was an incredible day…. Drs. Sipiera, Anderson and Levy gave incredibly interesting, education

al and entertaining presentations followed by great Q&A sessions. We gave away 16 door prizes between talks… and had raffle winners for the second place…Televue 1.25″ 2X Barlow, and the grand prize, the 102mm Explore Scientific Carbon Fiber Triplet. We moved midnight stew up to about 7:00 PM and while we ate watched the movie, Armageddon…. the evening cleared a bit and we spent the night doing imaging and viewing… hanging out with David Levy as he continued his search for comets… Jennifer and Dave Anderson hung out with us and checked out the various views thru the various scopes set up… we had 44 in attendance that day/night.

Sunday was a sleepy day… filled with camradre and additional scopes being set up for that evenings astro endeavors… we expected clear skies that night… David Levy asked if we could visit Field of Dreams as this was close by and held special meaning to him. David asked Jennifer Anderson and husband Dave to join as it was on their way home, finding that the movie held a special meaning for Jennifer too. After the visit, Jennifer and Dave continued home to Minnesota and I dropped David off at the airport shortly after 3:00 pm…. I didnt get a good count of the number of attendees, but most stayed, so I estimate about 36 stayed until at least white light.

After white light, Monday early morning, we were down to about 8 people… we had a great time with the continued realitively clear skies… great talk about the event, gear, what projects we were working on, and we finally all turned in between 5:00 am and 6:00 am… everyone was basically up and packing by about 9:00 am…

And there ya have it… a weekend in the life of your not so average amateur astronomer!

If you took pics… of the event or astrophotography… I’d apprecia

te copies for archiving, our news letter, and our upcoming new website…

Shakespeare and I will see ya again soon!

Clear Skies!


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