Jun 17

ReCap! June 17th Society Meeting

Meetings get better and better… thanx especially to the presentations made by Paul Saeger and Samuel Santiago….

Paul’s was so relevant to what all of us experience not only when starting into this hobby, but tend to experience at the start of each season… humorous because its true…  right?  🙂

Sam’s talk was really a plethora of info too… it stretched beyond the show and tell of an electronic focuser or two but into what focusing means… problems encountered when focusing, focusing aides, types of manual focusers and types of electronic focusers…. pros and cons of electronic focusers, and 4 or 5 different electronic focusers were there on display… of course this was followed by another great Q&A session…

We plan on putting the (electronic)FOCUSERS presentation on the web site followed by your asking questions and providing your experiences… it’ll be a pretty cool blog/forum topic!

Cecil Ward brought in his new guide system including a very nice Svbony doublet, a highly adjustable mounting system, and a nice ZWO camera… all very practical, nice quality, and very versatile.

We then had a great discussion on the Observatory Relocation with report outs on Building Specs and Design, Equipment Requirements, and Benefits… we did give a brief outline of the overall project too….

Folks started gathering at 6:30 PM with the meeting running from 7 PM to 9 PM… afterwards there were 7 of us that went to Village Inn to carry on the discussions and we wrapped up there at about 11 PM…

No stinkin’ clouds can keep the QCAS from doin’ astronomy! 

(Great pic of M51 Paul!!!)

Clear Skies!

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  1. From Steve VanHyfte:

    I typically only go to one meeting a year, so it was good to see QCAS members again last night, with two interesting presentations and coffee afterward.

    My intent was to mention to the group of my thinning of what astronomy equipment that I still have, and post it on the QCAS web site to see if there is any interest. Any equipment not sold locally, I’ll list on the internet at a later date.  I’ll probably keep a set of binoculars or very small scope for personal use. 

    I was impressed with all the effort and funds obtained for the future observing site, way to go! My best wishes to everyone and the future observing site project.

    Steve VanHyfte

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