Jul 10

Last Nite at Menke/QCAS

Hi all!

Dispite the evil orb and a bit of dew, we had a great outing last night! For those that missed it, you really need to try and attend future activities!

Cecil manned the 20″ Newtonian in the roll off roof building, Robert manned the 14″ Schmidt Cassegrain, and from the classroom I remoted into the Wilton School Systems Observatory to use their 12″ Schmidt Cassegrain.

Outside, Travis set up his 6″ Dob and brought friends Chas & Adrian who joined the QCAS last night! Welcome Chas and Adrian and thank you Travis!

Rolando, assisted by Sam, set up an astrophotography rig as did John… we’ll watch for any images they’d like to share.

Last but not least we did have a few guests as well, and we all had quite the time chatting about gear and checking out various objects… the objects viewed included

The Moon… the Dumbell, Little Dumbell, Blue Snowball and the Ring Nebulae… Albierio and the Garnet Star… the Hercules, Wild Duck, Owl, M92 and M2 Star Clusters… the Cigar and Whirlpool Galaxies… and to wrap things up, Saturn and a few of it’s moons.

Again, thanks to all in attendance and welcome to Adrian and Chas!

Clear Skies!

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