Sep 24

2019-09-24 EISP UPDATE

Hi all!

More info and stuff!

I have attached the layout of the observation field assignments…

Regarding all of the events and guest speakers and such… All the speakers and drawings will be on Saturday afternoon…

At this time, Steve K. will speak around 1:00… then around 2:15 Grant H. may give a talk… not sure. I will go around 3:30… if Grant doesnt give a talk, I’ll be around 2:30… remember a laptop and flash drive may be handy for my talk!

Before and after the speakers we will do door prizes and at the end do the raffle for the scope… additional raffle tickets for the scope will be available on Friday and Saturday at $10 each or two for $15…

Jan R. has been a vendor at OkieTex Star Party the past few years selling her astro art including jewelry, paintings, painted ceramic coasters, quilted table runners, etc… she will have misc items there for purchase….

We had decided not to have a formal swap meet, but if anyone wants to bring used items they have for sale, bring them.  You could have a list of items you want to sell or you could set up a table by your observing site or you could bring them to the Assembly Room during the presentations.

Lastly… if we have weather issues I’m hoping to show a SciFi movie or 2… we’ll see!

Clear Skies!

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