Nov 23

WSSO Update – 11/23/2021

Hi all!

A fun day in Wilton today… it started with my finding that red rope lights were placed in the observatory! I wrapped mine up and set the new ones in their stead… much nicer than mine, and can be turned on and off via computer… perfect!

I then met with Justin and we talked some techie stuff and what his vision was of how the observatory could best be utilized. We took a stroll thru the school where he introduced most of the faculty that will be indoctrinated into observatory life… I also met the school Principles, Vice Principles, and Superintendent… pretty cool, and lots of support!

Justin and I went into the STEM room and talked about their work stations and again some techie stuff and what the vision could be… we also discussed a possible open house to be held on January 8th… this would be a public event where we would try to involve the Quad Cities Astronomical Society, the Popular Astronomy Club, and Cedar Amateur Astronomers… this really had just been touched on briefly between Justin and I… we’ll see!

Back at the observatory I adjusted focuser knobs, and although a bit better, still didnt work as well as needed. I emailed Rigel-Systems to get their input.

I then further researched the dome driver issue where the driver would have to be reset to get the building to close… Justin and I are thinking that this may be due to Windows updates… I emailed both Pier-Tech and MountWizard4 to get their thoughts on this too.

Before I left, I started the installation of the Windows 21H2 update, which I understand takes a few hours… maybe that will fix the roof issue… maybe it will cause other issues… I am hoping that at worst everything works as is… fingers crossed!

For the Wilton Observatory folks getting my emails… let me know if you want to be pulled from my distribution list!  ?

Clear Skies!

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