Feb 6

Double Stars

Have you ever gone outside on a beautiful night, looked up at the sky and wondered just how many stars that there were? Did you know that about eighty percent of the points of light you are seeing are actually Binary Star Systems… aka double stars? Unfortunately, to fully appreciate double stars, a telescope is required, […]

Oct 25

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a… ???

So it’s nearing sunrise… sunset… the middle of the night… or most anytime, and you notice something up in the sky that for some reason has caught your eye, but what is it? So before calling Mulder and Scully, I thought I would give you a brief overview of the common objects noticed… those of an […]

Oct 16

Dancing With the Stars

Ok, so ‘dancing’ may be a misnomer here, but it got your attention. So, you’ve been to a number of public events (hopefully) where you could look through club telescopes and see cool views of the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, a few double stars, a star cluster or two… maybe a fuzzy galaxy or two, and that […]

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