This page is for inital account creation for On this page you will be submitting the information necessary to create your wordpress login.

Your USERNAME will only be used to log into the site. It will not be displayed publically in the Posts, Blogs, or Forums.
Instead your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME will be featured on your posts in that order.

Your EMAIL ADDRESS will be used to contact you regarding posts or forums topics you subscribe to. It will also be added to a membership distribution list as well as any other distributions lists you elect to be a part of.

At this time there are two elective distribution lists.
OBSERVING BUDDIES is for members who are interested in knowing when other members are planning to do observations. Sending an email to will then send your email to the people on that list.
QCAS INQUIRIES is for members that are interested in receiving notifications when someone fills out the Contact Us form on the public facing portion of the website.

The data collected by the form will be sent to the website admins who will create you an account and generate your password. Immediately change your password! Once the password is changed it will no longer be visible to the admins. If you lose you password, contact an admin so that a new one can be generated.

Member Setup Form