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    Matt Neilssen

    This weekend we had a misunderstanding/miscommunication that resulted in the official cancellation of the Public Open House on 7/27 a few hours before the event. In order to prevent this situation in the future, an impromptu board discussion was held via text message in which I proposed that “QCAS will not cancel an event in which at least one club member plans to attend.” and that “QCAS commits to having members attend all scheduled public events so long as doing so doesn’t pose a danger to those attending such as severe weather or hazardous road conditions.”

    Dana mentioned that in the past we still held open houses with clouds and rain by having presentations available.

    Mike O. agreed to the new rule and pointed out that it would be advantageous for the minimum attending member to be checked out on the 20″.

    Jeff pointed out that repeated attempts to get help producing cloudy night and programming presentations had gone unanswered. Jeff also pointed out that some of the issue is in how we are communicating these events to the public in the first place (two FB locations, two websites) and also the decentralized nature of communication between QCAS Members (text, email, FB Messenger, other apps/modes).

    I agreed with Dana about slide shows in the past and stated that we need to recommit to those.
    I agreed with Mike O about the adventurousness of members being checked out on the 20″ and added that much work has been done on that scope/building and that it would be great if more had a chance to get familiar with it.
    I conceded Jeff’s point that members have not stepped up to help with presentations, and that communication is an issue but that the communication issue is best discussed at a later date as the proposed rule would have prevented this issue in the first place.

    Jeff reiterated that the presentations we do have are in two formats. One is narrated/automated such that you could just let it play. The other is self directed and could be presented much more engagingly.

    I stated that we need to talk more about how we handle events in case of bad weather at the next board meeting.
    I agreed to an earlier point that 20″ certification is not a requirement to hold a public open house.

    Jeff agreed to the new rule.
    Dana agreed to the new rule.
    I of course agreed to the new rule.

    Quorum achieved and new rule passed.

    Robert was not available to be in the discussion so I’m being his secretary here. 🙂

    Jeff Struve

    Hi all!

    Just a reminder!

    We need members and scopes at the club site in Sherman Park at our Jens-Wendt Observatory tomorrow night for our monthly outreach event… PLEASE REPLY of your availability! We especially need someone to run the 20″ Newt. The moon should keep out if our hair until midnight or so.

    Replying to this email is also a good time to advise on if you and your family will be attending the November Dinner Meeting at the Dynasty Buffett… PLEASE LET ME KNOW the head count of your group so I can make reservations!

    Clear Skies!

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