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    Matt Neilssen

    Once again it’s that time of year for the QCAS End of Year Treasurer’s Report! In keeping with my commitment to a more transparent QCAS I’m posting this one last time (for now) as I will not be performing the duties as Treasurer of QCAS for the 2020 Fiscal Year. Instead, pay your dues to Sam Santiago! Best wishes to him going forward and I trust that our checking account is in good hands.

    Let’s start this out with the collection of dues. During FY2019 QCAS collected $690 in dues from 32 members. This is up $95 from the previous year. That $5 is due to an error in a payment made to the club last year. Prior to 2017, QCAS membership was $20 for a single and $25 for a family. There were many ambiguities in what pricing and what benefits a family membership actually afforded any given member. Starting in 2017 we changed the dues structure to $20 for a single and $10 for each additional family member over the age of 15 years. This allowed each person to be registered as a member and each registered member is therefore afforded a vote in elections. As of the FY2018 there was still a member who had sent in a check for the $25 family membership.

    QCAS Membership for 2019 was a healthy 39 members. Of those members, 17 have prepaid dues for 2020. The prepaid dues are the reason for the difference between 31 members paying in FY2019 vs the 39 member roster. New members who join on or after October 1st are considered paid for the following year. I have also accepted early renewals as a matter of convenience to existing members and for those who leave town for the year. Officially, dues are payable January 1st. It’s that time of year again! Please pay your dues at the next Society Meeting.

    Moving on to Expenses. QCAS total Expenses for 2019 were $1726.37. The greatest expense being Eastern Iowa Star Party at $727.75, followed by power at $464.71. Other recurring expenses such as web hosting and our PO Box made up $135.91 of the total. A couple non-recurring items round it out including $200 for maintenance at Sherman Park and a kerfuffle with a check return from Dr. Jennifer Anderson which balanced out in the income column.

    Speaking of which, any monies taken in by the club that are neither Dues nor Donations are classified as Income. This year our income totaled $2145.53. Our biggest source of income this year was EISP. Between registration fees, raffle sales, and donations collected at the star party, QCAS brought in $1527.53 for the event. Next was our raffle sales of $233 during the 2019 Perseid Meteor Shower outreach event at PVJHS. We also sold $185 worth of unused gear and got back $200 for the check that Dr. Anderson failed to cash in time.

    Last but not least are our cash Donations. This is the only real read flag of the report this year. Historically QCAS gets the lion’s share of its revenue from donations. From 2014 through 2018 the average donations collected were $2096.75. This year QCAS collected $1372.91 excluding EISP. The largest donations came from Verizon Foundation for $750 and 3M Foundation for $500. The only other donations were $92.91 from myself, $20 from Calamus Schools, and $10 from the Sheidler’s. Though not mentioned in the treasury perhaps our largest donation this year came from Sam Santiago and Rolando Gamino. They purchased the Grand Prize for EISP this year.
    Adding all of that up, this year QCAS took in $4,188.44 while spending $1726.37. This resulted in an increase to the club’s checking account of $2,482.07. This is only about $14 less than our best year in 2018. We were able to do this taking much less risk than that year in which expenses were over $4600.
    We need to continue this moving forward if we are to complete our major goal of moving and updating the observatory. I look forward to seeing progress on that in the coming year.

    Once again, I want to thank Sam Santiago for volunteering to take the position of Treasurer for the next year. I’ve been much busier than I expected lately and though I have enjoyed this role I didn’t feel that I could continue to keep up with it as well as it needed to be for the near future. I wish the board luck and continued success in making QCAS better and better for its members and the community at large.

    2019 Opening Balances

    General Operating Fund = $2045.35
    Events Fund = $500
    Observatory Relocation Fund = $4380.00
    Total = $6925.35

    2019 Closing Balances
    General Operating Fund = $2309.64
    Events Fund = $750
    Observatory Relocation Fund = $6347.78
    Total = $9,407.42

    A final note before closing. For the past year we have used 3 different funds for budgeting purposes. A General Fund for normal operating expenses, an Events Fund for keeping the costs of EISP and other events under control, and an Observatory Relocation Fund for locking away funds for that purpose. During the course of the year two things became apparent. First, that beginning the Events fund with a balance $500 was inadequate. This resulted in a transfer of $250 from the General Fund to have enough to cover EISP. Secondly, and this is observation is mine alone, that the General Fund never made it below $1400 even with transferring out that $250. With the General fund closing the year at $2309.64 I would suggest to the next board that an additional transfer of $250 to the Events Fund would be favorable to help avoid some of the controversy with EISP and Meteor Shower funding for next year. This would also afford us the opportunity to purchase a door prize for next year’s Meteor Shower Party. I would also suggest transferring $1000 from the General Fund to the Observatory Relocation Fund so that it may be saved for use next year in moving the dome. This would leave the General Fund with an opening balance of $1059.64 which ought to be enough to operate the club comfortably especially considering that most will be paying their dues in the next 90 days.

    This report is posted in a forum! Please leave your comments below. Happy New Year QCAS! 2020 looks to be an active year for this club and I hope you all join me in looking forward to participating in all the progress that is to come!

    Mike Ombrello

    Excellent report Matt. Thank you for your service as treasurer over the past three years. I agree with your recommendations. In addition, we should plan on an additional $150 for the EISP, for field marking for a walk behind paint sprayer.

    Matt Neilssen

    Thanks Mike! Enjoy Florida for the winter!

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