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    Jeff Struve

    There are 6 QCAS members interested in meeting at Bicentennial Park in Riverdale Iowa for the Eclipse… we are now just waiting for a formal approval from the Mayor… let me know if you are interested!

    Here is a bit of info…

    The Total Lunar Eclipse occurs the night of Sunday, January 20th into the early morning of Monday, January 21st.

    Since this is a Lunar event, and since it will involve a full moon, the use of telescopes is not a necessity. We may bring a telescope or two for residents to do a bit of marginally successful viewing… very much weather pending.

    The logistics that club members have agreed upon would to arrive at the park around 7:00 PM to begin setting up and weather pending may want to stay there for the duration of the event. It does take about an hour to tear down, so there is a potential for being there as late (early) as 3:00 AM.

    We also would cancel the event if temperatures will be below 20° F, more than 50% cloud covered, or the area is snow covered.

    In the past, the breaker box on the shelter has been accessible for my turning off the light inside the shelter while leaving the power receptacles on for our use, I’ll check to see if that situation has changed (a lock on the breaker box for instance).

    I may take a peek at the shelter design as maybe we can attach nylon tarps around the perimeter and put a space heater inside to create a ‘warm room’… maybe have some coffee in there… and again if time and weather permits, maybe let a slide show run.

    The Lunar event time line is as follows (Set up and tear down will be outside of these parameters)

    8:36 pm Sun, Jan 20 Penumbral Eclipse begins – The Earth’s penumbra starts touching the Moon’s face.

    9:33 pm Sun, Jan 20 Partial Eclipse begins – The partial Lunar eclipse starts and the Moon is getting red.

    10:41 pm Sun, Jan 20 Total Eclipse begins – The Moon is completely red.

    11:12 pm Sun, Jan 20 Maximum Eclipse – The Moon is closest to the center of the Earth’s shadow.

    11:43 pm Sun, Jan 20 Total Eclipse ends

    12:50 am Mon, Jan 21 Partial Eclipse ends

    1:48 am Mon, Jan 21 Penumbral Eclipse ends.

    Clear skies!

    Matt Neilssen

    I’ve got my pad cleared off in the back yard. I’m going for it. Gonna shoot a sequence from first contact through at least maximun eclipse. Fingers crossed for me. ??

    Jeff Struve


    Cant wait to see any pics that you gt!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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