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    James Rutenbeck

    I’m going to list the following equipment on CloudyNights sometime. I’d rather sell it locally to avoid shipping, especially on the larger items. Request photos or come to my house to see the items.
    Jim Rutenbeck 309-738-2333

    6 inch f8 mirror, build your own scope $90
    8 inch Celestron SCT, Classic Orange tube, fork mount, AC drive, excellent condition and sharp optics, 50mm RA finder, full solar filter, counter weight system $650
    8 inch f9 achromatic refractor. Lens by APM of Germany. Good for low to medium power scanning the sky. $1000
    8.7 inch f12 achromatic refractor. Planetary views as good as they get. Pin point stars. The aluminum tube is 10 inches diameter and about 8.5 feet long. $2500.
    60mm f15 50 year old Monolux refractor on a non driven GEM. Optics very good. Tube only in fare condition, in wooden box. $60
    3 inch f12 antique brass optical tube on brass alt-az mount with wood tripod. Produced by Adie of England. It is missing the objective lens. $200
    Meade DS16 German Equatorial Mount, AC RA drive, DC dec tangent arm, counter weight, manual setting circles on a low pier. This held a 16 inch Newtonian telescope. It is a very stable mount for the money. $550
    Meade LX200 GoTo Alt-Az fork mount that held a 12 inch SCT. No tripod, no optical tube. You could mount your optical tube and have an inexpensive GoTo mount. $450
    Canon 300mm EF f/4 L telephoto camera lens. $450
    Canon 18-55mm EFS camera lens $20
    Eyepieces, all 1.25 inch :
    TV 7.4mm Plossl, Japan in box $65
    University Optics 16mm Konig, multi coated, $60
    Meade 26mm Plossl $25
    Meade 15mm Super Plossel $20
    Meade 9.7mm Series 4000 Super Plossl $20
    Meade 18mm Super Wide Angle $45
    Meade 15mm QX Wide Angle $20
    Orion 25mm Plossl $20
    Orion 9mm Plossl $20
    Meade 2X Barlow Series 4000 $35
    Meade 2X Telenegative barlow $20
    No name barlow $10
    Ultra Wide Angle (80 degrees) 11mm $25
    20mm Plossl, Celestron?, silver top $25
    Coronado Cemax 18mm $30
    Vertex Type II 10mm SWA $20
    Angeleyes Zoom ep, 7.5 to 22.5mm $20
    Other items:
    Meade 1.25 inch camera adapter (T ring is required) $10
    Orion 1.25 inch camera adapter (T ring is required) $10
    Unnamed binoviewer with 2 Meade 26mm Plossl ep and barlow to reach focus $110 produces a good image
    Nikon binoviewer with 0.91 eyepieces $200
    Astronomik OIII filter for 1.25 inch eyepieces $55
    Burgess Optical OIII filter for 2 inch eyepieces $60
    Burgess Optical CX-4 contrast filter (light pollution) for 2 inch eyepieces or use with a camera $50
    Burgess Optical 45 degree diagonal, 1.25 inch $10
    Burgess Optical color filters 1.25 inch $6
    Burgess Optical 2 inch diagonal I for achromatic refractor ( reduces mild chromatic aberation) $100
    Burgess Optical 2 inch diagonal II for achromatic refractor ( reduces more chromatic aberation) $130
    Burgess Optical 8X50mm straight through finder scope with bracket $25
    Celestron 8X50mm straight through finder scope with bracket $35

    Camera tripod, by Manfrotto, #3126. when the legs are not extended it is 24 inches tall, extended it is 59 inches. Older, smaller but sturdy tripod. I have a larger model so I no longer use this. After market handle. Much better than the modern plastic ones. $20 SOLD
    6 inch f10 Newtonian reflector on a Dob mount. Mirror by Nova who specified quality at 1/10 wave. Sharp views. With 1.25 inch helical focuser. $300. SOLD
    5 inch f8 achromatic refractor by Burgess Optical on a home made Alt-Az mount. 2 inch single speed focuser, 50mm finder. Sharp views. $400. SOLD
    Moonlite 2 inch focuser for Newtonian, Single speed, mounting adapters for curved and flat surface $110 SOLD
    Celestron AVX non working GEM head for parts. I think the main electrical board needs to be replaced. Included is a nice looking mount head, NexStar+ hand control, polar scope and counter weight shaft. No tripod nor counter weight. $150 SOLD

    Jim Rutenbeck
    Cordova, Illinois

    Matt Neilssen

    I’m way late on this but do you still have the 300mm f/4L?

    James Rutenbeck

    I think I answered this question but, yes I still have the 300mm Canon lens.

    Jim Rutenbeck

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