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    Matt Neilssen

    In order to make sure we’re not filling the front page with public night cancellations, I added a link to the QCAS Facebook Group next to that calendar on the front page.

    Initially there was a space there for arbitrary text so that in the event of a cancellation we could add a note stating that change to anyone who visited the site. The issue with that is that in order to edit that space, one needs permission sufficient to edit all spaces and pages on the site. The other drawback is that the space itself would not automatically clear the text when the calendar automatically updated the event widget on the front page.

    Directing people to our Facebook group is not ideal but is easier for the parties currently involved in our website administration.

    How does it look to you? It’s kind of an eyesore to me since it breaks up the theme, especially when viewed on a mobile device.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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