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    Jeff Struve

    Hi all!

    It looks like we will have a nice evening tomorrow, Saturday, April 20th!

    We do have a few things against us… late sunset and the soon to follow waning gibbous moon, but a few of us will be going out to Menke for a while anyway… feel free to do a reply to all to join us!

    Sunset is at approximately 7:50 PM and the moon starts peeking over the horizon at approximately 9:25 PM… the  moon will be at about 97%, so we are looking at a pretty bright sky, but hey, clear, moderate temperature, and dusting off gear with comrades… sounds pretty good to me!

    So far, our newest member, Paul Saeger, and very well seasoned member Mike Dannenfeldt will be going out with me… Mike will be practicing the set up of his new rig, so you’ll want to check out the EQ6r in action if you haven’t seen one before… Paul and I will probably be manning the 14″ SCT… so if you want to just come out w/o gear and hang out, we can share the sites!

    Clear Skies!


    Jeff Struve

    So far it looks like me, Paul, Mike, Byron and Robert… maybe Jim and Matt… Cool!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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