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    Matt Neilssen

    Once again! It’s that time I year when you QCAS Board reports back to you about the health of the Quad Cities Astronomical Society’s checking account. This past year was very ambitious compared to a normal year’s activities. In 2018 we launched a new website (this one!), held the greatest Eastern Iowa Star Party to date, and began plans for the relocation of the observatory from Sherman Park to Menke Observatory. As a result of all of that we spent more than ever before. All that putting ourselves out there also resulted in the greatest year for fundraising since I’ve been part of the organization.

    Let’s start with spending…
    In 2018 our largest expense by far was the Eastern Iowa Star Party which cost $3201.34 to put on. The second for this website at $750. Next was for power from Eastern Iowa Light and Power Co-op at $453.09 follow by miscellaneous expenses such as our post office box and purchasing some more checks which combined to $122. Overall expenditures for QCAS in 2018 totaled $4673.55.

    Now we’ve got to talk about fund raising in 2018. QCAS brought in funds from three sources last year: Dues, Eastern Iowa Star Party Fees, and Donations.

    QCAS brought in dues from 34 members in 2018. This number does not necessarily reflect the number of members we had in last year since some people pay late/early and as a result they may have paid dues twice or not at all in this calendar year. The total funds raised via the collection of dues last year was $595.

    Eastern Iowa Star Party was a massive undertaking this year which included for the first time a required registration fee and the purchase of tickets to be involved in the biggest prize raffle we’ve ever done. Adding up the registration fees, raffle tickets, and facilities fees brought the overall funds raised by the start party to total $2318.

    Lastly, we have donations which this year were incredible. Individual donations as well as those from corporations totaled $4236.52! This year also started the real fund raising drive to move the observatory from Sherman Park to Menke and saw the inaugural member to our “Messier Club” of donors. A big thanks to her!

    After all is said and done, this year QCAS was in the black $2475.97.

    If you’ve made it this far in this read, thank you! I’d like to leave this with a message to you and all the other supporters of QCAS. This club lives on donations! Those donations not only come in money but also in the form of time and talent. In order to continue operating (especially if we are gonna move) we need each other to step up in any way possible to keep this club healthy.

    From the money perspective, if you’re still employed, please see if your company is willing to donate to non-profits or has some sort of matching program for time worked with an organization. Donations from corporations, non-profits, and other business entities are our main source of funds. In the last 5 years, QCAS has received over $6000 in such donations. Please ask at work if any such programs are available.

    From the time/talent perspective, everyone of you are exceptionally bright individuals. Otherwise you wouldn’t be amateur astronomers! 🙂 I invite everyone to participate in any way possible to keep QCAS the best astronomy club possible.

    Clear Skies!

    Matt Neilssen

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