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Jeff Struve


Nice work guys… the below is from Mike:

Hi Guys ,

John B and myself, Mike D, had a fantastic day at the Menke roll off. Jim R marked the holes in the 4″x6” steel beams yesterday. I brought it home with me last night and drilled all 8 holes this morning. Then since John B was out there I decided to bring the steel out today, couldn’t believe all the holes lined up the first time. Jim R can mark holes to be drilled any time for me, unbelievable first time fit ?! Now all we need is Steve V to come out and align and fine tune for polar alignment and any other fine tuning.

The black protective box clears, could take a small portion of the black rubber pad away and give a little more room. I would keep the mount as low as it can go and yet the black box clear the floor or even cut a quarter to maybe a half inch off the bottom and lower the top for mounting bolts as low as they can go. More solid the shorter the all thread bolts are. Made really good progress today !

Mike D