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Robert Mitchell


Robert Mitchell
Sam Santiago
Jeff Struve

No change to membership: 36 members paid, 1 member pending

Board meeting in Moline next month (Moline Village Inn, 2123 53rd Street)

Feb 29 Wilton Observatory grand opening was cancelled due to equipment problems

Mar 14: Jens-Wendt open house; 7-9 PM; Jeff and Sam available
Mar 16: club meeting; Rusty Case will talk on EAA
Ron Mullin offering to give a talk on Meteor Crater
Mar 21: Messier Marathon
Mar 26: Truman Elementary School scouts (tentative); Jeff and Cecil; solar viewing, Venus
Apr 1: board meeting

Skype test at St. Ambrose campus was successful

Observatory Relocation
Jeff and Robert plan to visit Menke next week to take measurements for new building
John Baker: grant information from Scott County Regional Authority, for projects to be completed between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021
St. Ambrose receives an annual donation for astronomy and the observatory. Would like to put this year’s donation toward completing the new dome and the 5 new eastern pads at Menke this year.
Largest expense would be concrete and electrical
Jeff will seek bids from contractors, possible new donors
Discussion of options for construction of part of the expansion this year
Conservative plan: Build new dome and 5 new eastern pads by Sept 1
Optimistic plan: Build new dome, all new pads, lay concrete for roll-off building and control room, and lay all new electricity by Sept 1
Need to find out how much money can come from Ambrose

Events: $ 750.00
Observatory: $6,347.78
General: $2,059.64
Total: $9,157.42
Paid for 1 year’s utilities ($480), Sherman Park; paid for 1 year’s post office box ($130)

Plan for near future to test Skype at Menke; try Skyping between Menke and Ambrose
How much bandwidth is required? How much of Menke’s internet data will it use?
Will HughesNet allow unused data to roll over into future months?