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Robert Mitchell


Robert Mitchell
Sam Santiago
Jeff Struve
Steve VanHyfte

Final map of new buildings at Menke site already approved
Reminders sent out to club members for dues. 25 replied.

Facilities Director position offered to Steve VanHyfte. Steve accepts on a temporary basis.

Proposal: Alternate between Davenport location and Moline location for monthly board meetings
Proposal APPROVED: March board meeting in Moline, April meeting in Davenport, alternate from there

Feb 17: Club meeting; Paul Levesque on constellation Monoceros, Alan Sheidler on 2019 Mercury transit
Feb 22: Jens-Wendt open house; 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM; Jeff Struve

Scott Hortsman sent sample plans for observatory buildings, quoted $30,000 price for 24×32 roll-off, concrete and electrical not included
Plan on going to Jens-Wendt Feb 22 before open house, take detailed measurements of building inside and outside, plus available space inside with 20″ scope resting horizontal, to finalize planned size of new roll-off building
Plan for this year: Build new dome, lay out concrete for as many new pads as current money allows

Feb 29: Wilton Observatory grand opening

Mar 3: Board meeting, Moline Village Inn (2123 53rd Street)

Investigate using Skype at meetings at St. Ambrose: Software? Bandwidth?
Investigate Skyping at Menke and Wapsi: Bandwidth?
Robert and Sam used to have Skype accounts; Microsoft bought out Skype (Microsoft Link?)
Plan: Sunday 1:00 at McCarthy, St. Ambrose, test run of Skype

Scheduled dates sent out
Guest speakers still pending

General: $2,489.64
Events: $ 750.00
Observatory: $6,347.78
Total: $9,587.42