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Robert Mitchell

QCAS MEETING 20 Jan 2020

Rusty Case
Craig Cox
Terry Dufek
Rolando Gamino
Paul Levesque
Robert Mitchell
Ron Mullen
Dave Ruddy
Logan Saeger
Paul Saeger
Sam Santiago
Alan Sheidler
Steve Sinksen
Jeff Struve
Cecil Ward

Dec: Jeff Struve has PAC article in Argus/Dispatch about Star of Bethlehem
Jan 20: Jeff Struve at Wilton Observatory; installed FIrecapture, Sharp Cap, Stellarium, drivers and camera configuration for ZWO ASI178mm camera; gave observatory utilization and exoplanet detection talk for astronomy class

Jan 25: Jens-Wendt open house, 4:30-6:30 PM; PowerPoint on celestial objects; Jeff, Sam, Rusty
Feb 5: Board meeting
Feb 17: Club meeting
May 17-24: Texas Star Party; Mike, Jim, Jeff sent for applications

Jonathan Rasler (563-370-8854) wants astronomy event for 1st-5th grade scouts, Truman Elementary in Davenport; meeting 6 PM last Thursday of the month; NOVA Badge; Jeff, Cecil

Jeff Struve: 10 Micron Half Pillar; book, Building a Roll-Off Roof or Dome Observatory
Steve Sinksen: 6” f/12 AstroPhysics Super Planetary and Celestron/Losmandy mount
Paul Saeger: Byron’s CG5 (tentative)

Alan: 10” SCT LX-50 EMC Meade with hand controller, clock drive, 8×50 finder scope, 90-deg prism, accommodates 1¼“ eyepieces, wedge, tripod, glass-coated solar filter, carrying case; scope in good condition; make offer – SOLD
Steve VanHyfte: AstroPhysics Traveler, 105mm f/6 triplet

Paul Seager: Imaging scope

Several membership renewals tonight
Need volunteers for February presentation: Maybe Paul Levesque
Need full-time Secretary

San Santiago: Wuz Up with Betelgeuse

December minutes APPROVED

General $2309.64
Events $ 750.00
Observatory $6347.78
Dues: $ 140.00 (collected today)
TOTAL $9547.42
Treasurer’s Report APPROVED

2020 EISP
Guest speakers: Bob Tremley, Mary Stewart (?), Lee Carkner (?), Dave Ruddy (?)
Suggested fee: $25

Control room moved to north side of new roll-off building; new map forthcoming
Goal to build new dome this year: show progress for donors, give electricity to east end of field, speed up move from Jens-Wendt
Raffle for use of new dome for 2020 EISP
Documentation in preparation in three packages; still need pricing; waiting for bid on new roll-off
Proposal: One-time spring star party, all proceeds to go to Relocation, include test run for Skype

Maybe test run for Skype during Messier Marathon?