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Robert Mitchell

QCAS MEETING 16 Dec 2019

Ken Boquist
Rusty Case
Terry Dufek
Dino Milani
Robert Mitchell
Matt Neilssen
Mike Ombrello
Sam Santiago
Alan Sheidler
Steve Sinksen
Jeff Struve
Cecil Ward

Nov 23: QCAS public night, Jens-Wendt
Dec 2: Large meteor; Pat, Mike O, and Dino saw it
Dec 6: Wilton Observatory with Grant
Dec 6: PAC; Sam, Ian and 6 of his students, Jason and daughter, Cecil, Matt, Ken, Rolando, Paul

Dec 28: QCAS public night, Jens-Wendt; Jeff, Matt, Sam, Rusty
May 17-24: Texas Star Party; Mike, Jim, and Jeff applied

Proposal to have scheduled programs at QCAS public nights

Texas Star Party: register on their website; drawing in February to notify who among the registrants will be able to go

Jeff: Boyd Dome
Jeff: TeleVue Apollo 11mm eyepiece, 85 deg FoV, 18mm ER, 1.25″ w/2″ adapter, 21.9 oz
Cecil: ZWO ADC

Alan: 10″ SCT LX-50 EMC Meade with hand controller, clock drive, 8×50 finder scope, 90 deg prism, wedge, tripod, solar filter (glass coated), carrying case; good condition
PAC: AstroPhysics 6″ f/12 Super Planetary refractor and Celestron/Losmandy mount; belonged to Paul Castle, c. 1987

American Doll and Toy Museum is open
Ellen and Dino Milani
1303 30th Street, Rock Island
Room for astronomy events

18 attended
Two-Timer Awards: Terry, Steve, Mitch, Dino

Robert Mitchell elected Vice President
Sam Santiago elected Treasurer
Thanks to Mike Ombrello and Matt Neilssen for their service

2020 Calendar all set

2020 EISP
Proposed theme: Ancient Skies
Proposed speakers:
Bob Trembley, representative for Warren Astronomical Society to the Great Lakes Association of Astronomy Clubs (GLAAC)
Mary Stewart, director of Headlands International Dark Sky Park
Lee Carkner
Dave Ruddy (historical comets)
Jeff Struve (numismatic significance)

GLAAC hosts an annual “Astronomy at the Beach”

Mike Ombrello: David Levy Star Party

Finalized layout at Wapsi:
New roll-off building at western end of grounds, with control room just to its north
New dome at eastern end of grounds
12 new pads, with electricity feed to all new pads and buildings
Routers to boost WiFi access throughout grounds
Still need to negotiate with Wapsi to allow new roll-off roof to roll off over un-mowed grass
Proposal to move the dome from Sherman Park to Wapsi first: first half of 2020
Proposal to hold raffle for EISP: Winner gets to use new dome during EISP

November minutes APPROVED

General: $1,809.64
Events: $ 750.00
Observatory: $6,347.78
TOTAL: $8,907.42
Treasurer’s report APPROVED