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Robert Mitchell


Rolando Gamino
Robert Mitchell
Matt Neilssen
Mike Ombrello
Sam Santiago
Jeff Struve

Sept. 7: Sherman Park open house
Sept. 16: regular meeting; Ombrello to talk about APT (AstroPhotography Tool) and PlateSolve 2; discuss nominations
Sept. 21: Menke open house
Sept. 27-29: EISP
Oct. 2: board meeting; discuss outcomes of EISP
Oct. 21: regular meeting; Jeff, John Baker, and Jim Rutenbeck out of town; Matt will officiate meeting
Nov. dinner: 17 RSVP’s so far

Requests for nominations sent out

Two speakers: Steve Kawaler and Jeff Struve
Assembly hall rented: $65/day; too many registrants to fit into classroom
Door prizes: scopes, posters, Barlow and guide scope; Celestron donated binoculars and other things
Matt selling raffle tickets
11 registrants want electricity: need 100′ power cables
Ask Jim Hannon if he can wire an exterior outlet to plug panel in outside
Need to check supplies of bowls, napkins, utensils, garbage bags
Need to purchase snacks and drinks
Final supplies delivered to Menke by Wednesday before EISP

Equipment list compiled
Estimated $135,000 for entire project
Still need finalized plans from Structure and Design committee; will finalize decision on location of new building
Cecil offers to house his 30″ Dob at new observatory: estimated $10,000 to build a separate structure for it, and current design of new roll-off is too small for it
No recent donations for relocation

General: $1,554.35
Events: $750.00
Observatory: $4,613.00
EISP Reservations: $735.00
Total: $7,652.35

Mike Gacioch buying binocular tripod from club for $125, to go into Observatory fund

Have T-shirts or decals made with club logo? Question tabled.

Mike O motions to adjourn. Robert M seconds.