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Jeff Struve

On behalf of Jim, Sam, and Paul… the Equipment Requirements Committee… I’m please to present the following equipment recommendations and timeline.

The Equipment Requirements are completed to a level that will be presentable for fundraising aspects.

We have budget constraints that will be shown at a later time when we’ve also done initial bidding from vendors as we know that there are various non advertised purchase incentives that would impact price and acquisition of miscellaneous items (software, eyepieces, and so forth).

This list was plugged into the time line to show how funding, as recieved, with the exception of where donations have a specified use, will be spent.and in what order.

The project implementation will be in the following order:

1) Roll off Roof Building and Dome and relocate the gear from Sherman Park to WREEC.

2) Pier Mounted 10 Micron GM2000hps mount

3) Control Room

4) Control Room and Mount Computers and software. Surveillance/Monitoring system – Software to include Voyager, Maxim Suite, PixInsight – Or equivalents

5) Astrophysics 175mm f8 Starfire Triplet

6) FLI Monochrome Camera and Filter Wheel, Chroma or Astrodon Broad and Narrow Band Filters, ATIK OSC Camera, ZWO Planetary Camera, Mallincam EAA Camera – Or equivalents

7) Lunt Solar Scope, Takahashi Wide Field Scope, LoadStar Guide System, Electronic Focuser, Televue Eyepieces – Or equivalents

Clear Skies!

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  • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by Jeff Struve.