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Robert Mitchell

QCAS MEETING 19 Aug 2019

Ken Boquist
Tom Bullock
Rusty Case
Mike Dannenfeldt
Byron Davies
Terry Dufek
Mike Gacioch
Rolando Gamino
Paul Levesque
Dino Milani
Mitch Milani
Robert Mitchell
Ron Mullen
Matt Neilssen
Don Robinson
Jim Rutenbeck
Sam Santiago
Alan Sheidler
Steve Sinksen
Jeff Struve
Cecil Ward

Minutes of last business meeting APPROVED

July 19: Green Iowa’s Night at the Menke; estimated 20-30 guests
July 27: Sherman Park open house; cancelled due to predicted weather threat
Aug 3: Meteor Shower Party; big success, clear skies, estimated 300-400 guests; $233 in raffle ticket sales for Observatory Fund
Notes for future Meteor Shower Parties: need more sign-in books and pens, more than two people supervising sign-in desk, just record cell phone number for raffle ticket sales; people paid more attention to presentations with audio
Aug 6: Impromptu Menke outing; Sam, Rolando, Terry, Rusty, Byron, Jim, Mike, Paul, Robert, Jeff, and others
Aug 7: board meeting
Aug 17: Menke star party; cancelled due to predicted weather threat

Sherman Park and Menke star party weather turned out pretty good instead. Propose not cancelling due to weather threat again, just be prepared for indoor activities in case.

Aug 23: PAC, Cordova Civic Center, 7:30 PM
Aug 24: Sherman Park open house
Sept 4: board meeting
Sept 7: Sherman Park open house
Sept 14: PAC, girl scouts space program in Princeton, IL
Sept 16: membership meeting
Sept 21: Menke star party / PAC at Niabi
Sept 27-29: EISP; registration emails sent out
Oct 12: PAC Banquet
Oct 23-27: David Levy Dark Sky Star Party; Jim Rutenbeck, John Baker, Jeff Struve

Jeff Struve: ZWO ADC (atmospheric dispersion corrector) for sale
Terry Dufek: Orion 70-degree EP’s; tested at Menke, happy with results
Sam Santiago: 2″ Optolong Dual Band Filter, piggyback scope mounting (for Menke 14″?)
Rolando Gamino: 9.25 Celestron Edge, ES eyepiece and dew heater; Pelican case for sale

Nomination committee: Paul Seager and Mike Ombrello; check emails for nominations

Sherman Park clean-up: John and Steve V continued telescope repairs; Jim, Steve S, Paul and his father showed up
20″ DSC rewired; takes OK photos for up to 2 minutes – goal is 5 min; rear weights corrected, drive cleaned, clutch pressure reset, polemaster used once
Polemaster used on 16″ with 79-cent bracket; heavy counterweights were a challenge; find adjustment on floor pivot bolts
16″ motor drive has too much backlash, needs future adjustment
future 20″ checks: repeat polemaster, possibly with atmospheric compensation

November dinner: Propose going to Dynasty again; majority agrees

Menke roll-off: stuck roll-off roof still waiting for repair

Don Robinson: Progression of models of the universe and our understanding of the planets
Rusty Case: Memories of the Nebraska Star Party

Registration emails sent to 34 people Aug 11; 11 responded, 14 paid
Guest speakers: Steve Kawaler (IA State University), Jeff Struve (QCAS)
Prizes and raffle: Jim Rutenbeck sent out door prize requests to 10 vendors; Tom Fields sent 2 spectroscopy posters; George Bailey sent an ES Barlow and guide scope; Celestron sent binoculars and brochures; 102mm f/7 AstroTech Doublet for raffle ($10 per chance or 2 chances for $15); no word from Explore Scientific yet

No additional reference letters yet
Equipment Committee agrees on three lists of equipment, depending on three different levels of money: high-end mount first, then high-end scope (e.g. 175mm triplet), then cameras and accessories
Steve VanHyfte recommends putting only a pier in the new dome so club members can use their own gear with it

General Fund: $1554.35
Event Fund: $ 750.00
Observatory Fund: $4613.00
EISP estimated cost: $ 480.00
TOTAL $7397.35
Dino moved to accept, Tom seconded; Report APPROVED

Matt showed some pictures from the improved 20″ scope

Paul motioned to adjourn, Dino seconded