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Robert Mitchell


Ken Boquist
Rusty Case
Craig Cox
Mike Dannenfeldt
Byron Davies
Terry Dufek
Dino Milani
Robert Mitchell
Matt Neilssen
Don Robinson
Jim Rutenbeck
Paul Saeger
Sam Santiago
Alan Sheidler
Steve Sinksen – renewed membership
Jeff Struve
Cecil Ward

June 19: Calamus Library; Jeff Struve
June 21: Founders Day; cancelled due to weather
June 29: Members Night, Jens-Wendt Observatory; Cecil Ward, John Baker, Robert Mitchell, Paul Saeger, Rusty Case; 4 guests; weather interfered
July 6: Adventurous Babes at Menke; cancelled
July 7: PAC observing session
July 8: Night Owl Camp, Timewell, IL; cancelled due to weather
July 9: Newcomb Presbyterian Church, Menke, 1-3 PM; Dave Murcia (WREEC) gave tour
July 10: QCAS Board Meeting; Jeff Struve, Sam Santiago, Mike Ombrello, Mike Dannenfeldt, Steve VanHyfte

July 12: Experiment with mounting camera and 102mm refractor on Menke dome 14″ scope to transmit image to classroom’s big screen. Moon’s clarity good. Planet images very small. Maybe 4x Barlow would help?
Ideally, small computer with local Wi-fi to link camera to screen. Or wireless HDMI?

Rusty Case and Paul Saeger experimenting with astrophotography

July 17: WQPT interview, 1 PM
July 19: Green Iowa at Menke; Robert Mitchell, Jeff Struve
July 20: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 at Putnam, ends at 10 PM; same night as PAC’s Niabi Zoo
July 27: Member Night, Jens-Wendt
Aug 3: Meteor Shower Party, Pleasant Valley Junior High; scope raffle;
Aug 7: board meeting
Aug 17: Menke star party
Aug 19: society meeting

Byron: HoTech Laser Collimator
Jeff: rings and dovetail for 152mm Starfire
Steve Sinksen: vintage Meade

Astro-Tech 102mm f/7 doublet for raffle, donated by Sam Santiago and Rolando Gamino

Apollo 11 videos
A Trip to the Moon (1902)
Moon movie trivia
Voyager software: full automation package for observatories and astrophotography

Nomination committee: Paul Saeger and Mike Ombrello; need names
Sherman Park cleanup: Mike Dannenfeldt; need new locks; may postpone until weather is cooler
EAA presentation by Jack Huerkamp of Mallincam
Dr. Steven Spangler gave name of potential speaker for EISP

General fund: $1839.35
Event fund: $ 500.00
Relocation fund: $4380.00
TOTAL: $6749.35
Treasurer’s report accepted

June minutes accepted