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Jeff Struve


June 25, 2019
RE: St. Ambrose University (SAU), QC Astronomical Society (QCAS) observatory relocation project

The Wapsi River Environmental Education Center of Scott County Conservation, supports the partnership between the SAU and QCAS, specifically recognizing the educational benefits to our community.

The partnership allows our community to further their knowledge about our natural world not only within the county, but throughout the region.
The primary mission of the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center is environmental education, and has been in partnership with SAU for many years, including the QCAS. The continuation and expansion of an observatory is an important aspect of our community, allowing for the general public, local and regional schools, universities, and visitors to view our world in a very unique manner. We look forward to improving the Menke Observatory site and support this initiative, by participating in its growth and development.

Thank you for considering our mission, our partnership, and the relocation project by the QCAS and SAU. We look forward to working with you and our community partners to make this initiative a success.

Dave Murcia
Naturalist/Director, CIG
Wapsi River Environmental Education Center
Scott County Conservation Board
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