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Robert Mitchell


Rusty Case
Mike Dannenfeldt
Rolando Gamino
Mike Ombrello
Robert Mitchell
Jim Rutenbeck
Pual Saeger
Sam Santiago
Alan Sheidler
Jeff Struve
Steve VanHyfte
Cecil Ward

Hand out the last award from the November dinner to Steve VanHyfte

June 2: QCAS at Menke Observatory; Mike O, Byron, Rusty, Paul, Rolando, Mike D, Don, Cecil, Jeff
June 7: QCAS at Menke; Rolando, Sam, Jeff
June 8: Menke public party: Rolando, Sam, Jeff
June 13: QCAS at Menke; Rusty, Jeff
June 13: QCAS at Jens-Wendt; Paul, John Baker

June 19: Calamus Library; Jeff
June 21: Founders Day, 5-7 PM; Jeff
June 29: Jens-Wendt members night
July 6: Adventurous Babes at Menke – CANCELLED
July 8: Night Owl Camp, Timewell, IL; Jeff, Craig?, Cecil?
July 9: Newcomb Presbyterian Church at Menke: Jeff, Byron
July 10: QCAS Board Meeting
July 15: Members Meeting
July 19: Green Iowa Night at the Menke; Robert, Jeff
Aug 3: Meteor Shower Party, Pleasant Valley Junior High; scope raffle

Cecil Ward: 90mm f/5.5 guide scope, ZWO ASI 385SC camera, mount
Rolando Gamino: Astrotec AT80 refractor with auto focuser

Need nomination committee; must not include members who are running for elected office positions; Jim?
Sherman Park cleanup: Mike D taking lead; June 22 or 29(morning); new locks
Menke roll-off building: roof still sticks, 14″ out of alignment; Jeff, Robert, Mike D went out June 7th

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Telescope 101: Williams, Adams, North; when Moon visible in afternoon

Eastern Iowa Star Party
59 pre-registration emails sent to interested parties June 15; 9 yes replies as of June 16
Guest speakers: Steve Kawaler (IA State U), deciphering Kepler/K2/TESS data; Leslie Rogers? (U of Chicago); Katherine Melbourne? (Yale); Jeff Struve (QCAS), detecting exoplanets with amateur gear and free software

Paul Saeger: Trials and Tribulations of Astrophotography
Sam Santiago: (Electronic) Focusers

Observatory relocation
Reference letters: David Levy, St. Ambrose, Jennifer Anderson, Grant Harkness (Wilton Observatory), Dave Murcia (WREEC), Amber Sullivan and Roger Kean (Scott County Conservation Board) PENDING, Chris Like (Bettendorf High) PENDING, Ian Spangenberg PENDING, Sheryl Kennedy (Camanche Schools) PENDING
Purpose and Benefits: No news
Structure Design: Roll-off needs to be moved closer to un-mowed ground, but ground needs to be raised
Equipment: Jim compiled highest-quality list from committee members’ suggestions, total cost $94,000; if funds insufficient, Jim recommends cutting back on cameras since they become obsolete more quickly
Business Planning: Waiting for info from other committees; two prospective $1000 donors, pending business package
Fund Acquisition: Waiting for info packets, one fully comprehensive, one less detailed, one just the gist of it
Steve VanHyfte: Move dome now?
Jeff Struve: Reluctant to before full plan and packet ready

Treasurer’s report
General: $789.35
Events: $500.00
Observatory: $4380.00
Total: $6669.35

May minutes approved