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Jeff Struve


Grant A. Harkness
Wilton Observatory
1002 Cypress Wilton, IA 52778
June 12, 2019

To All It May Concern,

We here at the Wilton Observatory would like it made known that the fine individuals of the Quad Cities Astronomical Society are an asset to this and surrounding areas. Through the dedicated application of their collective passions, they bring into being wonderful programs, support budding scientists, aid others in program and project development and provide a truly unique and beneficial product to citizens of all ages.

Astronomy is a beautifully complex area of interest, spanning innumerable fields of study. The development of these pathways to exploration, innovation, education and empowerment are crucial in ensuring the continued prosperity of humanity. By providing tools, exploration opportunities and support to other programs, the membership of the Quad Cities Astronomical Society play a meaningful part in aiding in the intellectual development of humankind. Through our collective efforts, we in the fields of astronomy work closely to support each other and these citizens stand as a glorious example.

As a new dawn awaits them on their journey of expansion and improvement, I do sincerely hope that you will take the time to consider the impact that your generosity will have. It is not only of significance to them as individuals or even their collective, but to the future generations that will take part in their programs and find that spark that lights within them. These young minds will carry in them the awe that they have experienced, the wonders they will behold as they explore the skies above. It will be, in part, because you chose to care, you chose to support them. It’s a big universe and it’s all the more wonderful when we come together to support great causes. This is one such chance. Thank you for considering them!

Yours sincerely,
Grant A. Harkness
Director, Wilton Observatory
President, The Organization for the Proliferation of Space Studies

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