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James Rutenbeck

-Jim Rutenbeck

Proposed Large Refractor scope:
Astro-Physics 175 mm f/8 StarFire EDF with field flattner and 6.1 telecompressor/corrector
This is one of the finest refractors ever produced. It is made and serviced in Illinois, USA. This size of objective at f8 excels at planetary viewing. At f6.1 it is a great astrograph. Cost about $22,000.

Proposed 80mm Widefield Refractor Scopes:

https://www.highpointscientific.com/telescopes/refracting-telescopes/takahashi-fsq-85edx-astrograph-telescope-ota-fqk0085 Cost about $3000


Proposed mounts

https://optcorp.com/products/astro-physics-1600-german-eq-mount-with-low-temp-absolute-encoders Cost about $19,000 Higher weight capacity: 220 pounds

https://optcorp.com/products/10-micron-gm-2000-hps-ii-ultraport-equatorial-telescope-mount Cost about $!8,000
Higher tech, weight capacity: 110 pounds

Ha Solar Filters

DayStar filters Cost about $6000
Lunt filter

CCD/CMOS astro Camera
to be determined Cost about $7000 with narrow band filters, filter wheel, software