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Robert Mitchell


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Jeff Struve

Friday: Jeff, Mike D, and Robert going to Menke to work on roll-off roof
Saturday: Public event at Menke; decision by noon on weather cancellation
June 17: club meeting; Paul S. volunteers to give talk on what not to do while observing
June 19: Calamus Library wants a talk for 5- to 12-year-olds; Jeff will give general talk on the hobby, maybe bring solar scope
June 21: 3rd Annual Founders’ Day Solar Viewing, Lutheran Assistant Care, 5-7 PM; Yes or no? It was weathered out the last two tries. Jeff, Craig, and Jim say yes.
June 29: Jens-Wendt open house; weather call by noon
July 6: Adventurous Babes cancelled, said it was too close to July 4th
July 7: Timewell, IL cancelled
July 9 or 10: Newcomb Presbyterian Church to Menke; Jeff, Bryon, Mike D; July 9th works best, email or call them
July 10: Next board meeting
July 15: Membership meeting
July 19: GreenIowa event at Menke; Jeff and Robert
Aug 3: Meteor Shower Party

Clean-up day needed at Sherman Park: June 22 week

Need to make list of officer position nominations before September

One speaker lined up; still seeking second speaker
$500 budget; still need prizes
$15 attendance fee, $10 extra for electricity
Jim suggests allocating club money to help pay for door prizes; Jeff suggests $100-150
Mike O donated binocular tripod to club; if sell it, allocate money to EISP budget this year or next?

Draft email to committee members: list of committee members, link to website’s observatory relocation forum, where you can find benefits list, equipment list, letters of recommendation, etc.; committees invited/encouraged to post with ideas and information to boost momentum
Ambrose wants more effort and more definite expectations for relocation project
Need to have definite plan for new building
Fundraising can’t begin until other committees gather info and ideas to present to donors and grants
Craig: dome needs to be at least 25′ from roll-off building
Jim: fundraising committee should give guidance as to how much detail other committees need
Jeff: get all information together at once to present to everyone (Ambrose, grants, donors, etc.); complete picture of everything we want and more
Craig: finalize location of new building

Purpose and Benefits: outline on website
Structure and Design: Jeff will send contact info for contractor; decide on 1, 2, or 3 separate buildings and location(s)
Craig: roll-off building exactly where we want it; question is where to have dome and control room?
Jeff: don’t attach if you don’t think it’s a good idea
Equipment: list on website; confirm or submit other ideas
Business and Planning: need to wait for other committee reports
Reference Letters: David Levy, St. Ambrose, Jennifer Anderson, Dave Murcia writing one now and asked Roger Kean to write one; Jeff asked Grant Harkness and Ian Spangenberg for letters, asked Alan Sheidler for one from PAC, will go to girl scouts and boy scouts; all complete letters on website

Grant Harkness’ non-disclosure agreement signed by board members tonight