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Robert Mitchell


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Robert Mitchell
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Cecil Ward

May 3-5: NCRAL
May 11: Astronomy Day – canceled due to rain

Newest member, Paul Saeger: bought a camera to use with big telescopes
Cecil Ward: bought Orion 10″ f/4.5 reflector, bought 90mm f/5.5 guide scope; looking for cameras (maybe RisingCam from Alibaba?)
Matt Neilssen: bought Orion 8″ f/4 Astrograph

Sherman Park cleanup: Mike Dannenfeldt will take lead
Menke roll-off roof: still stuck; weather preventing work; maybe try May 25 or Memorial Day?
Menke roll-off 14″ out of alignment; maybe fix same time as roof attempt?

May 25: Wilton Observatory, Gramma’s Kitchen, Menke Observatory; schedule sent by email
Jeff Struve, Cecil Ward, Terry Dufek, Robert Mitchell, Ken Boquist, Mike Ombrello going
Updates will be sent by email

Grant Harkness, construction of Wilton Observatory

EISP guest speakers still pending:
Steve Kawaler, Leslie Rogers (U of Chicago)??, Katherine Melbourne (Yale)??

Purpose and Benefits: Jeff S, Robert M, Mike D, Alan S
Structure Design: Mike D, Robert M, Craig C, Byron D, Jeff S
Equipment: Jeff S, Sam S, Paul S, Byron D, Jim Rutenbeck
Business Planning: Mike G, Paul L, Robert M, Jeff S
Fund Acquisition: Jeff S, Matt Neilssen

Reference letters: David Levy, St. Ambrose, Jennifer Anderson tba; Alan will ask Paul Sipiera again

General: $1,919.35
Event: $500.00
Observatory Relocation: $4,380.00
Total: $6,799.35
All includes reissuing check to Jennifer Anderson; post office still closed due to flood

April Minutes APPROVED

Need to make sure events calendar is up to date on website
(Might have to cancel Timewell event)

Perhaps add blog for Special Events?