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Robert Mitchell


Mike Dannenfeldt
Robert Mitchell
Mike Ombrello
Jim Rutenbeck
Jeff Struve

May 3-5: NCRAL

May 11: Astronomy Day, Bettendorf High School and Sherman Park
Jeff, Robert (evening), Rusty, Sam, Mike D?, Mike O? going

May 20: regular QCAS meeting

June 17: cub scout request, giving it to PAC

July 6: Adventurous Babes at Menke
Jeff, John Baker, Byron, Mike O, Mike D? going

July 7: Night Owl Camp, Timewell, IL; 2.5 hour drive south; 10-60 attendees
food and cabins supplied
Jeff?, Craig? going; will have to cancel if no one else volunteers

July 9 or 10: Newcomb Presbyterian at Menke

Sherman Park cleanup: no fixed date yet

Stuck roll-off roof at Menke Observatory:
Idea to use scissor jack or pedestal jack and two-by-fours to push roof up just enough to dislodge it
14″ scope in roll-off roof needs realigning

August 3: Meteor Shower Party; better moon than actual Perseids peak
Pleasant Valley Junior High
Hope for 3 computers and 3 screens to set up
Hopefully lights on sports complex will be shut off; will speak to person in charge there
Raffle off leftover prizes from 2018 EISP?

Donation box for QCAS events, Menke Observatory, and EISP?
Cedar Amateurs has Paypal for donations; Paypal charges a percentage transaction fee, but donations more than make up for it

Telescope 101: Williams, Adam, or North; group telescope lessons at school, on night when there’s a Moon

Upcoming elections:
All current officers except Mike O due for replacement
Need other members willing to run for positions
Mike O: Need more nominations; people won’t come forward on their own
Ask at next regular meeting: Who’s willing to step forward?
If no one: Ask members to nominate others
Those on the nominating committee cannot run for a board position, but they don’t have to have been members for a full year minimum

Email reminders for dues need to be sent; need updated membership list

Sept 26-29: Bootleggers party

Sept 27-29: EISP
$500 budget capped
$15 admission fee; $10 extra if you want electricity
Guest speakers:
Steve Kawaler (Iowa State, NASA): TESS and Kepler
Steve recommended Leslie Rogers (University of Chicago): TESS and Kepler data analysis and diagnostics
Jeff will be third speaker if no one else available or affordable: how to use free exoplanet detection software
Keep tabs on progress getting internet to Menke to see if Skype will be available by EISP
Attempts to use Skype at Wapsi met with mixed results
Jim can do prizes again? Perhaps just one expensive prize this time
Jeff still in touch with AstroPhysics

Observatory relocation:
List of benefits prepared; take it to partners (St. Ambrose, Wapsi, park board, etc.) for them to add to list
Structure and design committee measured location, planted pegs; need a diagram
Equipment requirement list, rough draft prepared: computers, software, mounts, scopes, filters, cameras, etc.
Committee can build on it, get price list
Letters of reference in from Dr. Levy and St. Ambrose
Jennifer Anderson agreed to write one, Paul persuaded to write one
Jim Rutenbeck joining Equipment committee and Fund Acquisition committee
$1000 from Bertha Paustian
$1300 from St. Ambrose
$ 480 from MEC
$1600 from MidAmerican Energy