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Jeff Struve


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From: David Levy <>
Date: 2/11/19 13:45 (GMT-06:00)
To: PwrHsePro Subject: Re: Quad Cities Astronomical Society

Dear Jeff,
I am sorry it took me so long to do this, but I hope that it is better late than never. I believe that your project is terrific. I got a taste of how well the astronomical societies can do and what they can accomplish when they work together when I visited last fall. It was one of my most enjoyable lecture visits ever. And to have the event take place at the Menke Observatory site was just wonderful. I think that permanently moving the observatory there would have many tangible benefits, not the least of which is that the entire community will benefit. The spacious grounds will allow many visitors to get inspired by the night sky.
There is something else about this attempt to get citizens of Iowa to reach for the stars. Iowa is the state where dreams come true. While I was there I had the honor of visiting the Field of Dreams, the famous movie site. When I saw that movie in 1989, it reminded me of my own dream, to search the sky for comets, If I had the opportunity to use the Menke site at the time, I think my dream might have come true earlier. Iowa is a spectacular state, full of stunning beauty, and this beauty includes its spectacular night sky. Your efforts in relocating this observatory to Menke will help thousands of people to reach for the stars.
David H. Levy

Jarnac Observatory.
National sharing the Sky Foundation.
Ad amorem nocte caelum.
Ego diligo in nocte caelum.
Dona nobis pacem.

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