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Robert Mitchell

April 15, 2019

Rusty Case
Craig Cox
Mike Dannenfeldt
Byron Davies
Rolando Gamino
Robert Mitchell
Don Robinson
Paul Saeger
Sam Santiago
Alan Sheidler
Jeff Struve

Struve: 152mm f/9 Astrophysics Starfire and Model 600E Mount
Sheidler: 15×70 binoculars for PAC, door prize for NCRAL
Gamino: Atlas mount with updated wedge, bought from Jeff
Mitchell: Baader Clicklock for Menke’s 14″ SCT

Membership dues overdue

Clean up due at Sherman Park: Text Matt
Menke roll-off: Check roof, make sure it can be opened; 14″ fork scope’s polar axis is out of alignment
Use new website forum for communication: Use subscribe button to get notifications

May 11: Astronomy Day; Jeff Struve, Sam Santiago, Robert Mitchell (evening only), Rusty Case
July 6: Adventurous Babes at Menke; Jeff Struve, John Baker, Byron Davies
July 8: Night Owl Camp, Timewell, IL; Jeff Struve, Craig Cox?
July 9 or 10: Newcomb Presbyterian Church at Menke; Jeff Struve, Byron Davies
August 3: Meteor Shower Party, Pleasant Valley Junior High
Telescope 101: Williams, Adams, North; maybe when Moon is visible in afternoon

Sept 27-29
Guest speakers: Steve Kawaler (IA State U), Leslie Rogers (U of Chicago)?; both about exoplanets
Jeff might give talk about using our gear for exoplanet detection

Purpose and Benefits: Mike Dannenfeldt, Robert Mitchell, Alan Sheidler, Jeff Struve
Jeff has first-draft document listing benefits to QCAS, SAU, WREEC, Parks and Recreation, County, Public
Structure Design and Specifications: Craig Cox, Mike Dannenfeldt, Byron Davies, Robert Mitchell
Equipment Requirements: Byron Davies, Paul Saeger, Sam Santiago, Jeff Struve
Jeff has first-draft list of accessories for expanded Menke
Business Planning: Mike Gacioch, Paul Levesque, Robert Mitchell
Fund Acquisition: Jeff Struve

Reference letters: St. Ambrose, David Levy, Jennifer Anderson TBA
Design and Specifications report:
Progress on new building design and position relative to existing buildings
Old, big cement slab at proposed building location. What was it? Can we get rid of it safely?
Building outline staked out; drainage won’t be a problem
Less than 1 foot difference in grading across whole outline
If Cecil willing to donate his 30″ Dob, could it be added to Menke?
Alternate proposal: Separate control room from both roll-off and dome to keep heat exchange away from scopes

March minutes APPROVED

General fund: $2069.35
Event fund: $ 500.00
Relocation fund: $4380.00
Total: $6949.35