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Robert Mitchell


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Jeff Struve

Jeff: Pull everything to do with outreach out of the website
Don’t want to advertise that we’re available for outreach. That’s not our main mission anymore and we can’t support that much outreach.
Sherman Park public events will remain as usual

Comanche School came out to Manke. Jeff hosted for the kids.
Comanche wants another star party. Jeff will instead invite them to the Meteor Shower Party in August.

Dr. Mitchell having Astronomy class field trip to Menke April 13.

May 11: Astronomy Day
June 17: Scott County Park, 300 cub scouts. PAC will handle it.
July 6: Adventurous Babes. John Baker will help out at Menke.
July 7-12: Timewell, Illinois event. Asking for help. Won’t do it if nobody from QCAS can make it. 8-9 works best for people.

Elections: Current president, secretary, and treasurer are in their third year.
Discussion about current health of club, continued support for observatory relocation, concern for lack of growth in membership
Jeff worried about whether or not QCAS will be fully in a position to deliver on promises made to potential donors for relocation.
Jeff argues companies will only be satisfied if they get a good return on their investments.
Craig argues companies are more tolerant of potential shortcomings on investments.

Committees for observatory relocation:
Purpose and Benefits – put together a formal statement of intent
Design and Specifications – design of physical building(s), pads
Equipment – scopes, computers, software, etc.
Business Planning – create proposal packet, compile list of potential donors
Fund Acquisition – taking packet to potential donors and grants

Design and Specifications: survey land, mark out where new buildings should/can be, check for possible problems with run-off, work with prospective designer regarding blueprints
Can probably do dome very cheaply as a first step if necessary.
Although, doing it in phases would require putting gear in storage for an indefinite period.

24’x36′ roll-off
12’x16′ control room (?)
dome from Sherman Park
Need to finalize how these parts of the building are arranged, and their exact sizes: Design and Specifications

Next regular meeting:
Focus on observatory relocation, introduce committees, ask for members willing to participate in committees.