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Robert Mitchell

March 18, 2019

SPECIAL LOCATION: John Deere Planetarium, Augustana College
QCAS members, guests, and PAC in attendance
(Full attendance list to be submitted later.]

Proposals for 4 or 5 new committees, including one for observatory merger and expansion

QCAS events
March 30: Sherman Park open house
April 15: Next QCAS meeting
May 3-5: NCRAL
May 11: Astronomy Day, Bettendorf High School in the afternoon, Sherman Park at night

Treasurer’s Report
General fund: $1897.35
Events fund: $500
Observatory relocation fund: $4380

New website: qcastro.org
All meeting minutes and news posted there now.

Requests for outreach, QCAS and PAC
April 12-13: Comanche
June 17-21: Tia Lopez, Scott County Park; daytime event
July 6: Hannah Williams, Adventurous Babes Society (seriously, that’s their name); evening event at Menke
July 7-12: Cathy Crozier, Timewell, Illinois; 10-50 middle school kids for evening show at campsite

PAC events
March 23
April 20: Niabi Zoo
May 3-5: NCRAL; 63 signed up for full program as of March 18

Sept 27-28: EISP, exoplanets theme; talks include speaker from Kepler and TESS, how to detect exoplanets for yourself; $15 full admission fee, $10 extra for electricity

Dr. Lee Carkner: Tour of newly renovated John Deere Planetarium