Dec 22

WSSO – Update 12/22/2021

Hi all!

Before heading into the STEM room I went into the observatory to check to make sure that things were safe in the observatory to remote in from the STEM room. While U was in there I did go ahead and do 1 Windows update followed by a restart. I also put the filter wheel back in the cabinet as I was able to determine what all of the filters were except for the one in slot 8…

In the STEM room I performed all of the various tasks and made mental notes of miscellaneous issues that occurred… We’ll probably want to consider getting the large monitor behind the instructors desk hooked up to the computer for screen sharing… and maybe consider a wired mouse for that PC… oh, and a shortcut for Tight VNC Viewer if possible… and the classroom pc still goes to sleep while in use… all nit-picky stuff, but may prove to make things look slicker when we do the public open… by the way, how’s that going? Any public notices yet?

So for mentally noted issues, I ran into an issue with the mount starting… I’d never seen that before, but maybe, since I was remoting, I double clicked something… it ran fine when I started it again, and there were no reoccurence.

I still dont like the weather station… Boltwood/ClarityII… it says its 31° out… its actually about 23°

Another new goofy issue… Stellarium, the planetarium program, kept loosing connection. To reconnect its a simple close and reopen the app… but kinda cluggy…  I had the normal roof driver disconnect, and am still working on that with MW4 folks, but again, all of the issues seem to be resolved by a couple of mouse clicks.

We need to find a new power cable for the ATIK cameras power supply… I left the defective one hanging on the wall under the light in the observatory.

I updated to a new version of MW4 built for us and sent a new log to those folks for review, and I also updated the Stellarium app…

I guess thats all for now… I’ll be watching for a clear night before the first of the year so I can tackle the final 2 major tasks… Polar Alignment and actual EAA imaging!

Merry Christmas!

Clear Skies!

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