Dec 16

WSSO – Update 12/15/2021

Hi all!

Lots if miscellaneous stuff today!

I climbed a ladder to get to the weather station on the roof of the observatory and took close up pics of that Boltwood system… even tho it rained, the App shows dry which is fine as it is really windy so Dry is accurate… BUT… much of the time the wind speed is showing around 5mph when its more like 25+mph… I emailed Defraction Limited on this…

More Windows updates – one showed paused for some reason, and I’m not sure that one updated. It says no more updates after a restart, so I guess we are good.  

I updated MountWizard4 to v 2.1.6, recreated the roof driver dropping error and sent the logs to Michael at MW4.

I’m taking the filter wheel home to try to figure out what filter is in which slot.

The TightVNC Viewer icon doesnt stay on the desktop of the STEM room instructors PC… can that be made to happen? Also, if you are in full screen mode, what is the best way to close the viewer so you can log off of the STEM room computer?

I checked the FoV of the ZWO 290MC, and it will be way to narrow for modeling purposes… it looks like I’ll need to figure out using the ATIK 16200, which is fine, but not sure how that will work for EAA… near live viewing via a monitor… you need video speeds for that, and Im not sure the 16200 is well suited for that… we’ll see! 

When putting the 16200 on the scope, I see that there are bare wires for the 110v side of the power supply… we’ll need a new cable for that … see pic…

I installed the imaging software called SharpCap. It has a nice platform for EAA, and it seems that maybe the 16200 might work…


I think that you’ll need some sort of step ladder in the observatory because the scope is pretty high up when rqised and when doing visual astronomy… it would also be cool to get some sort of small table to go next to the PC rack in the observatory, under the building control and breaker boxes. 

I moved the cabinet to the left side of the observatory and it would work well to mount the white board right where its at… but up as high as possible of course… the red lights can go under it, and the bottom right corner of the board can butt up against the power outlet rather than hide it…

I also recommend loosing the wireless mouse in the STEM room and replacing it with a corded mouse.   🙂

The STEM room monitors are really a pain to turn on with the master remote… you get some on, and others go off! Also, it would be a great idea to stop them from sleeping…

Clear Skies!

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