Dec 1

WSSO – Update 12/01/2021

Hi again,

Kind of a hodgepodge day today… a lot of fidgeting around with stuff…

I had a nice breakfast with Grant… probably the nicest part of the day… then was pleasantly surprised when I got to the observatory to find that Justin did an excellent job rearranging things… thanks Justin!

Logging into the computer, there were no new Windows updates, so I proceeded to hooking up the camera… I then decided that being set up this way would be a great time to balance the scope and accessories on the mount. The balance routine on the mount is excellent… a few iterations, and it is now good to go!

I then decided not to mess with the focuser after manually running it all of the way in and out of focus, it seemed to work, so I decided against pulling things apart.

The roof driver seemed to work fine until the end of the day at which time I set logging to trace, duplicated the issue and sent the log to MountWizard4…

A new bug kinda cropped up… the mount would disassociate with the planetarium program… arg! Like the issue with the roof driver, its a simple thing to fix… in this case, stop and restart Stellarium.

I didn’t have much luck imaging with the camera… I’m thinking it was because the only item viewable was a near by tree… I think it was too close to focus on…

The last thing I did today was install the imaging software supplied by ATIK for their cameras…

I guess I’ll plan 1 more day time visit before night time work will need to be done… then training!

Clear Skies!

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