Nov 6

2021-10-06 Public Night at Menke

We had a pretty nice group of folks out tonite… both club members and guests… and all had a great time despite a few technical difficulties we experienced.

Cecil was hoping to get the 30″  Dob up and running, but we had a few failures there… and the hand controller on the 14″ was acting up… oh well!

Travis set up and ran his 6″ Dob…  one of Matt’s friends, sorry about not knowing his name, brought his 6″ SCT, and Robert and I ran the 14″ SCT. Ron, Jim, and Sam were also present for moral support.

After a quick tour of the facility, which included our raccoon mascot hiding out in the roll off roof building and our showing the placement of our 2 new structures, we had great views of Venus, Saturn and 2 of its moons,  Jupiter and 4 of its moons, and Neptune.

We also saw star clusters like Hercules, Wild Duck, M2, M34, and NGC457… the Ring and Dumbell Nebulae… galaxies M81 and M82, the Whirlpool, and Andromeda… and the Albierio Binary Star System.

A fun nite!

Clear Skies!

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