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07/31/2021 at Menke

The night started out quite a bit clouded than expected… fortunately Robert and I completed a multistar alignment of the 14″ SCT by sunset… we talked with Sam and Rolando, who had first light with a new 210mm f3.8 Explore Scientific Newt that he just bought…

We checked to see how well the WiFi worked out on the field, and we were able to use zoom and walk the perimeter of the site successfully… very cool!

Guests Byron and Jen showed up shortly after and they brought 4 scopes with them that they set up… 2 smaller refracrors, a 12″ and a 17″ dob… pretty cool!

Shortly thereafter the skies did some clearing and the visual astronomy began. Here is what Robert and I viewed:

+ Albierio
+ M56
+ Dumbell Nebula 
+ M71
+ Eta Cas… Achird… double star
+ Mu Bootes double double star… b is 2.25″!
+ Xi Bootes double star 
+ 1962 Struve double star
+ Saturn
+ Jupiter
+ Andromeda 

The last couple hours were pretty humid for the guys outdoors, but it seems like everyone had a great time… luv those binaries!

Tomorrow nite, with a little luck… we’ll give it another shot as a group of high school.students will be visiting Menke to do a bit of astronomy…

Clear Skies!

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