Jun 13

June 12th at the Menke

Pretty nice turnout for tonites event. At the observatory we had  Jeff S, Steve S, Robert M, Byron D, Ken B, Rusty C, Mike D, and a few guests.

Joining by Zoom we had Ron M, and Cecil W.

The guests and club members wandering into the dome were shown Venus, Mars, the Moon, Albireo, M13, M92, M57 – Ring Nebula, M81, M82, M27 – Dumbell Nebulae, and NGC 7543 – Cats Eye Nebulae.

After the guests left we found quite a few of the many Virgo galaxies… we topped off the evening with M51 – the Whirlpool Galaxy.

The Zoom portion of the meeting was a bit boring, so for next time we can try to add a live view scope and camera on top of the 14″ SCT so virtual attendees can watch us work on Stellarium and talk to us and then view what we are looking at thru the piggy back rig. We keep getting better!

Thanks to all that attended, and club attendees, please do a reply to all letting us know how things worked for you!

Clear Skies!

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