Jun 4

Publuc Open at Menke

Hi all!

This Saturday, June 5th, we will be holding our first Public Open House since COVID reared it’s ugly head!

The event will be held at Menke Observatory in Dixon, Iowa from sunset to 10:00 PM at which time amateur astronomers can conclude their Show-N-Tell, and pursue their own astronomical endeavors!

The public… friends and family… acquaintances and strangers… in-laws and out-laws… as well as astronomy club members are all welcome!

For those that cant make it, we will broadcast a screen share of what our control computer is doing guiding the scope through a planetarium program, and periodically show pics of what the scope is pointing at… we’ll have an open mic so you can hear our chat, and we’ll have an open speaker, so we can hear your questions!

Here’s the Zoom link:


Since we haven’t had many club activities, please show your support by attending! Much appreciated!!!

Clear Skies!

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